Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: The elected mayor promised to never let Uber come in to Cabo. What do you think?

askamexie.JPGDiana Montes, 23, receptionist.

I think she’s insane. It would be so much better for tourists, we could really become a top destination after losing so many tourists due to violence. Taxi drivers are rude, and they charge whatever they want because they can. If uber was here, I bet anything they would have to lower their prices and better their service, because there would be a lot more competition. It would be a lot safer, too, because anyone can share their trip and if a young girl were here on vacation, she could let her family know exactly where she is at all times. The mayor just said that because the taxi drivers vote in a block and they raise hell when they don’t get their way.


Concha Berumen, 62, retired.

I think it is good for Cabo San Lucas. My sons and sons in law have taxis and their business would just drop to the floor with that app. Technology is ruining everything, we barely even talk anymore because of apps, now the transport too? I think things are fine the way they are, transportation here is expensive because gas is expensive too and everyone here makes a decent living, or has cars. I also think it would be the first step towards more traffic, and Ubers stop anywhere, and since they are regular cars, someone could just crash right into them.


Mario Carreon, 52, fisherman.

I think it was a very poor decision, we could really use more modern transportation here. Taxis are not only expensive, but they also are very picky. For locals, the big vans are too expensive, and the little cars take forever to show up, they have very strict rules if you come from the beach, have food or a puppy. I think we are not looking at the whole picture and just want to stay the same, whatever the cost and consequences, and the rest of the country is advancing and leaving us behind. I have friends who live on the mainland and they have told me how much easier it would be if Cabo grew a little, not in size but in mind.


Diego Larios, 42, coach.

I have split opinions, on one side, I think it’s good Uber won’t be here because that would make even more people want to come live in our land and pollution would rise. So many people are coming here because of the good salaries, and it would make Cabo like any other tourist town. On the other side, it would be nice to have a more reasonable way of transportation, because the monopolization of public transport is crazy here. I also came looking for a job, 20 years ago, and I have seen how Cabo has grown, but we are missing something that the mainland has, and that is a collective thought. Usually, we only think about ourselves, not others, and for example, Uber is designed to transport a lot of people for a smaller price, and more comfort than a bus.


Rosa Jauregui, 71, cook.

I think she has made very good promises and I believe in her. Uber is not something I know a lot about, only what I have heard, but I don’t think it would be a good fit here. We are a town where buses are good and local taxis too, they are not as expensive as the big ones. Also, the Uber is an app, and not everyone could use it. Being a tourist town, we benefit more from regular taxis than we would from Uber and not only would the taxi business drop, but also the car rental and the buses.


Laura Ortega, 54, administrator.

Uber should be here, to make a good competition on transportation and we would also see a lot less old cars. People buy them because they are cheap, but they are also usually old and contaminate a lot. If Uber were here, it would be so much easier to explore around Baja, because one could take an Uber to La Paz and they would most likely find another passenger to come back to Cabo. The only bad thing is that more people would probably want to come live here, and it’s bad enough that the houses in Cabo are expensive.