Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: Do you agree there is a problem with how many Mexicans are immigrating to the United States?

askamex2323.PNG1. Graciela Martinez, 52, merchant.

I do not think there’s too may of anything in that country. Mexicans who go to the united states are looking for a better life and they end up working in jobs Americans don’t want to get their hands dirty with. I think that we can all make an honest living in whatever country we decide, and I don’t see any Americans living in Mexico having a hard time. Why can the United States do the same? Because they are racist, that’s the answer. If immigration processes were easier for us, less people would look for “the American dream”

2. Angelica Polanco, 21, student.

I don’t think there’s too many, what I think is that too many people are trying to get out of Mexico. If we all went to study and had a career, we wouldn’t need to go to any country as opportunities would open for us here. I think the latest immigration problem is coming from a place of hate against our race and more of those white people who believe in white supremacy are popping up everywhere. The real solution would be to equal opportunities in both countries so that we don’t covet what there is over there.

3. Daniel Pereda, 19, driver.

I do, and I feel very sorry for all the Mexicans who are having a hard time because of a bunch of rotten apples. A lot of people from my family have emigrated and only a couple have had the means to do it legally, but all of them have honest jobs and live by the American rules. I think what is wrong is to judge all of us, because there are some Mexicans who just want to get easy money. Not all of us are rapists, murderers or narcs. Some of us have grown up with a solid value system that allows us to live a good life.

4. Jose Rioja, 25, artist.

I don’t think the matter is how many Mexicans are living in the U.S, but how many of them are there illegally. If that can even be said, lets remember a big part of the United States was Mexico a long time ago. And the fact that the orange president is so ungrateful, makes me sick. After all, we are the ones who have built that country, the workforce is mostly Latina and the country would just collapse if everyone just came back to Mexico. The people who are behind the immigration disaster just want money, because it’s super expensive to get legal papers.

5. Mario Trejo, 54, blacksmith.

I think there are more races (going to the US), than Mexicans. More Chinese, more Indian, more Arab before Mexicans. The problem is that the government is trying to pressure our country into being its puppet (if that is more possible than we already are) and it’s unfair to take innocent people as their victims. The kids who are being held in the border without their parents is an atrocity, like Jews by the Nazis and many of those Jews ran away to the United States. It used to be a country for everyone, a safe place when things in your own country went bad, now it’s just an ugly place with mean people who are using their strength the wrong way.

6. Dalia Cruz, 49, stay at home mom.

I don’t think there are too many immigrants, but I do think there are too many closed-minded people in their government who are abusing their power. Immigrants are what makes any country better, like when we see Americans down here, we don’t ask if they are legal, we smile at them and enjoy it when they try to imitate our culture. At least the Americans I know, feel lucky to be here and are rarely harassed. But the Mexicans up there are constantly discriminated against. Americans don’t give Mexican immigrants a chance and they could learn a lot from our people.