Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: What do you think about the spying? Do you think the Mexican government should be investigated for spying on their own people, and should the U.S. be called in to help?

The Mexican federal government has been accused of using spyware to spy on 88 journalists, anti-corruption activists and human rights workers. President Enrique Peña Nieto denied it at first, but then later admitted the government bought the spyware to catch criminals. Now, the government is calling for an independent investigation into the espionage, calling in the United Nations and even considering the help of the U.S. FBI.


askamex_1.JPGDaniela Juaristi, 22, receptionist

I think Mexico is pretty desperate to fix things, but unfortunately the government does not have the capacity to spy on its people to be honest. The government should not look into whatever its people are doing, it would be violation to our rights, and even if they found something worth stopping, the system is so slow and corrupt that they wouldn’t even be able to do anything right. Nowadays, the people are taking justice into their own hands and it’s exactly what the government deserves after everything Peña Nieto has done.

Tania Acevedo, 24, assistant

I think that the Mexican government, just like any other government, has to look for ways to control its people. And after so many rumors of riots, I do think it’s necessary to take action. In my opinion, those measures should include the people’s acceptance with real actions, not shutting the journalists and activists down. As far asking for help, as long as sovereignty is not compromised, I think its fine to have help.

Patricia Guzman, 41, sales agent

Find which criminals exactly? All of the criminals have the government grabbed by the balls. They only did it to look good before the people, so they could pretend they are looking for criminals. The government is the real criminal here, why play dumb with us? And if the U.S helps us, we are only going to increase our debt to them and be at their mercy.

Daniel Quijan, 27, web technician

There’s always a way around their “spyware”; the Mexican government is so behind in technology, it’s ridiculous. If they want to spy, all they are going to find are jokes anyway, is their plan to turn into Korea or something? If the UN helped it would be fine, but the government will not follow whatever the UN tells them.

Saul Medina, 58, accountant

Spying is a stupid attempt to catch criminals. The real good ones have way more advanced technology, and all the other ones have paid off the government. With all the killings that have been happening among journalists, things are just going to get worse. I hope the UN does intervene but in other manners as well. The United States will only help if there is something in it for them, which is not very convenient for Mexico.

Gabriel Lopez, 19, student

I think every government now has spyware on its citizens, it’s just that Mexico was the only stupid one to get caught. What are they hoping to do? We could end up like Venezuela at this rate, we are just going to hell.