Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: If you were elected president, what would you do to improve the country? What would you take from the current candidates?

askamex2319.JPGJosue Ceseña, 19, student.

I would do a huge green revolution and add taxes to whatever contaminates the most, like old cars, factories, industrial processing, etcetera. I don’t think I would take any of the current candidate’s proposals as they are not really helpful with what we currently need as a country. I do think that the most important subjects are also energy, gasoline, and costs. Gasoline is becoming so expensive it’s ridiculous.

Lucia Lopez, 49, secretary.

I really think we need to raise production in our country. I think I would put more importance in growing vegetables than exporting them, so we can raise the internal economy before trying to work in an international market. Also, I think the petroleum industry is not really developed in our country, it has been neglected and taken by very corrupt people. We should unite as a country and take the gasoline industry back, because that could help us grow so much.

Hilario Gonzalez, 53, farm owner.

I believe we need to put more investment in the agricultural sector, both with crops and cattle. Almost everything the industry uses is imported, and therefore more expensive. Mexicans do not realize the power there is in such humble industry. And I like the Moreno party’s proposal about chopping robber’s hands off, but I don’t think we should do it literally, we should just veto them from having good jobs and charge more taxes so they pay society back.

Mario Pedraza, 46. maintenance chief.

We should work with education, since all basic education is all free now, we need to make it good, there is no real progress if it is still bad. If I could, I would mix in some entrepreneurship courses for high school kids, since most of them cannot afford college, at least they could set up their own businesses or learn some administration so when they leave their parents’ house they know how to take on things like rent, food, and services.

Lupe Corral, 72, retired.

The current candidates are all wrong. If I were president, I would start by looking at where all tax money is going and remove all the big salaries the public administrators receive, to make sure those governing the country are really doing it because they want to, not because they want money. I would also raise teachers ‘salaries since they are the ones shaping the kids’ minds, and kids are the future. Police should also get an update, we should pay them more but also be stricter so they wouldn’t give in to any temptation and stop being corrupt.

Diana Lopez, 36, office manager.

I think I would like to stop crime, but I am pretty sure it’s too late for that. I would seriously consider legalizing marijuana so the cartels have less of an excuse to kill innocent people in their fights, and I would definitely.