Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: A recent report found that Facebook and WhatsApp are the most popular social networks in Mexico; do you use them? If so, why? How much time do you spend on them?

askamex_0.JPGIsabel Bautista, 29, street merchant

Yes, I use them a lot. They are a great way to stay in touch with my family members who live far away. WhatsApp I use constantly, but only for a little bit each time. Most of the morning I am busy at my stand and with my customers, and if I look away someone might rob me. Facebook, I spend about two hours at night, when I have finished with all of my duties and I am ready for bed.


Josefina Diaz, 41, seller

No, I hate those things. I hate cellphones but now they are pretty much necessary. I have a phone I bought at Oxxo and it doesn’t even have a touch screen. My grandkids do have WhatsApp and Facebook, and spend all day with their faces buried in a screen.


Diego Ugalde, 23, assistant manager

I have them both on my phone, so I am on them pretty much all day every day. I actually have to use them for work too, so there’s no problem if my boss catches me on the phone.


Marta Fernandez, 54, secretary

I do have WhatsApp and Facebook but don’t use them much. My friends always send me blessings and beautiful images that make my day but it’s hard for me to reply back; I always make mistakes and it’s very frustrating. On Facebook, I only have my daughters and sons and their families so I can see the pictures they post of my grandkids.


Jaime Cortes, 25, fitness trainer

Of course! My Facebook is the best way I can get customers. I post pictures and the ladies share them and then they contact me to train them. I also post pictures of my customers before and after pictures and I don’t pay for any advertisement. Also, WhatsApp is free, so I can stay in touch with everyone.


Christian Hernandez, 36, freelance marketer

I not only have Facebook and WhatsApp but pretty much every single social media account possible. It is an essential part of my job to be current. I spend most of my work hours on social media, except for when I am talking face to face with my customers.