Another Art Gallery In Todos Santos?

Yes, but this time it’s interactive. Cool

For those who prefer to create rather than appreciate, Todos Santos has a new art gallery. And if you have kids, the Jardin del Amor (Garden of Love) studio offers fun for the whole family.

Located on the corner of Zaragoza and Rangel, Jardin is in the heart of Todos Santos, one block from Parque Los Pinos. The gallery name indicates a deeper meaning for the artwork that’s created inside. “The focus here is on unity and love and how love will unite us,” explains Maria Bell, who is one of Jardin’s managing partners, along with JJ Richards. A sign that reads “Where love grows” (in Spanish, we translated it for you, no problem, it's our job) was nailed above the door just a few hours before the studio opened.

jardindelamor.JPGThe studio christened its grand opening a couple weeks ago with a Love Rocks event. The presentation offered kids, and adults too, the chance to paint decorative rocks with all sorts of designs.

“We want to teach children that there’s no wrong way to express themselves through art,” Maria says.

An eventual goal of Jardin del Amor is to eventually celebrate, and sell, the artwork created by the children who come to Jardin. “We will offer artwork that is created by children. So, this creative space here is for children to express themselves,” Maria says.

Maria Bell came to Todos Santos from Portugal by way of Ontario, Canada. She says the low pressure environment here is perfect for children to create new forms of art. “We have a lot of workshops in mind for the future,” she says. “A lot of them are about expressing art through a lot of different forms. It’s not really a structured place where we’re necessarily going to have too many rules in art because art is such an open, expressive thing.”

And those future workshops aren’t meant to benefit just the children, as Maria puts it. “I believe that the children have a lot to teach us.”

Jardin del Amor is part of a new non-profit, Puentes de Milagros/Bridges Beyond Barriers, that’s working to “break down the barriers that divide us and work towards building bridges that will unite us,” according to the website. To learn more about Puentes de Milagros, and upcoming events at Jardin del Amor, you can find them on Facebook at or at