Is All This Building Good Or Bad?

We’re going through a growth spurt that is unsettling to some



In case somehow it slipped your notice, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and all the land in between have become overrun with development. In addition to all those cranes in the air and all the high rise hotels going up, and the high end residences, infill is occurring. That’s when some contractor sees an empty lot in an otherwise developed area, and hops on it, filling it with something.

With growth comes change and yes change is inevitable, but often scary and painful. Afterall, we visit here or we moved here because of the way it was; Homespun Mexican.

The new buildings look just like Southern California, what’s up with that? Well, turns out these newbies coming in want it that way. The developers aren’t stupid, they know what sells and rents and they’re counting on new people who want the new-look Los Cabos. They aren’t marketing to the old timers who want the old-look Los Cabos.

So you made peace with all the new big box stores that stormed onto our shores, you were even OK with the widening of the road to La Paz, and you got through that monster house built next to you, but all this new high rise development on the corridor is just a bridge too far and you can’t deal with it. The shopping malls, the mega resorts, the constant energy, the end of the kick back lifestyle is not for you.

That’s why you should have bought way back when Los Cabos was the way you liked it. If you did, now is the time to cash in, take your enormous profits and move further out. Mexico is a big country with 5,400 miles of shoreline. Even Baja, if you would prefer to stay here, has 2,000 miles of beaches.

We suggest Los Barriles, a great little town just an hour and a half north of Cabo San Lucas. Too close? Move to Loreto, a great little town of about 15,000 people and a thriving foreign community of foreigners. It even has two golf courses and an international airport. Yes, Loreto it is. Give it a look, it’s a six hour drive north, smack dab on the Sea of Cortez.

And don’t forget to list your current home in Los Cabos with a Multiple Listing Service approved Realtor.