23 Rooms Sleeps 77 People

And the whole shebang is a la carte a la

Everybody who’s met him has an opinion of Bob Jankovich. It is true that he isn’t overly concerned with social niceties, and some folks can’t handle that. But the man does make things happen by bulldozing through everything full speed ahead, opinions and feelings be damned. He also seems to have a way of turning everything he touches into gold. Jankovich operates out of his 45 room hotel in a corner of the Pedregal park, down at the foot of the Pedregal housing tract in Cabo. It’s called the Cabo Pedregal Hotel.

He sells insurance from that office, rents a crane, operates the hotel, sells handicap stickers, and he facilitates obtaining the North Dakota license plates we see all over town. It’s called Cabo Pedregal Hotel. The 45 rooms start at about $45, includes garage parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast. Do you want a license plate with that room?

But he did make a miss-step about five years ago when he sold his 23 room hotel in the Pedregal called Cabo Paraiso Condo and Studio Hotel. He says it was his lousy lawyer’s miss step, that he wrote the contract badly, which allowed the buyer to skip out on paying more than the $350,000 down payment on the million dollar deal. What sort of saved him was he entered into a contract to sell but never actually sold it. That would not happen until five years out, but that didn’t happen because the buyer, a guy named Roy Rajaic from New York, stopped paying and then missed his final balloon payment. That’s when Jankovich’s lawyer, Ignacio Trigos, swooped in and took it back. If he had actually transferred the fideicomiso, it would have taken easily twice as long to get it back, he says.

When he followed the police into the property the day he took it back, and after all the renters, mostly unknowing Gringos, had been unceremoniously tossed out onto the street, Jankovich was sick at what his creation had devolved into. There was junk piled everywhere, no maintenance had been done, the rooms had been painted a dark gloomy gray, and the landscaping had gone to hell.

It’s taken a couple of months of intense work but the hotel will re-open this week.

Each of the 23 rooms rents for $20 a night a la carte. And he’s ruthless about the a la cart. An extra person is another $20. You get one roll of toilet paper and then you’re going to have to make other arrangements. Oh but wait, the hotel commissary sells t.p. You want ice with that room? Hand over a buck. Another roll of paper towels on top of your original roll? Go to the commissary. Want to use the BBQ? That will be five bucks, please. At least that’s per use, and not per weenie or rib. But the frosting on this cake is he doesn’t want anyone to stream to their device so he only has Wi-Fi in one room, a nice lounge, where you can be seen if you’re streaming. Hey, did we mention you’re only paying 20 bucks for a nice clean room with a view?

In the ultimate display of a la carte, the reading on your electricity meter is noted and noted again when you check out: you pay for every kilowatt you use so you might want to re-think that A/C setting and use the fan instead. At least the use of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi is free and he hasn’t figured out a way to charge for the wonderful view of the city below. As Jankovich says, where else are you going to get a room for $20? With secure, gated parking?

He also swung us by the condo building he currently has under construction in the lower Pedregal called Pedregal Towners.  It’s a much more upscale property, with condos going for $300,000 to $600,000 in the three-story building. There will be two parking spaces per unit, there’s an elevator and fiber optics Wi-Fi, two swimming pools, and an expansive common area as a community room. Do you want license plates with that condo?

All these places have websites tended by Jankovich himself and videos shot and posted by him. In his spare time.