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  • He Wants To Suck Your Blood! (2017/10/31 17:11:50)

    Casa Dracula in Todos Santos from Gringo Gazette on Vimeo.

    The weathered mansion known as “Casa Dracula”  was built in 1852 by Don Antonio Domingues. He was one of the great sugar barons of Todos Santos. The house took on its haunted persona after remaining empty for many years; generation after generation  reported bats flying in and out of the gothic windows. Children are even reputed to hurry past the house or cross the street rather than be near it.

    According to one of the current owners, Rex Weiner, "Domingues was a very rich man and when he died, there were rumors that he hid his treasure, his gold, somewhere on the property and in the years since then many people have been looking for the treasure of Casa Dracula.” Weiner recounts holes being dug around the courtyard where people searched for a safe containing gold. He even tells stories of a very heavy 19th century safe being stolen from the second story of the house.

    Generations of squatters and more recently owners have reported spooky noises inside the hacienda, “Sometimes footsteps coming up the stairs and nobody arrives, sometimes things moving around. We understand that it’s the original owner who is restless in his house” said Weiner. And there is other folklore surrounding the home's relationship with Dia de los Muertos, “The legends talk about a giant chicken, un pollo grande. They also talk about the enanitos which are elves scurrying around.” 

    Most of the myths surrounding Casa Dracula are related to Don Domingues’ reputation for greed. Weiner recounts, “he exploited his workers, he literally sucked the blood of his sugar cane workers. In Mexican culture, the vampire, the blood, these things are very common in folklore. Here in Mexico there is a long history of blood. Sangre (blood) goes all the way back to Aztec times, where people were sacrificed and blood was shed from the tops of those pyramids. Dracula was a very popular cinematic character so the idea of the Casa Dracula, the house of Dracula was very much in their minds when they (locals) saw this place and the bats.”

    The present owners of Casa Dracula purchased the house in 1985 from the great grand daughter of its original builder.


  • Stem Cell Seminar Coming To Cabo (2017/10/30 14:44:34)

    We've all heard about stem cells and the amazing things they can do for us. They're so amazing, it's hard for us to believe it all. But maybe after we explain what these little guys can do exactly, you'll have some more respect and confidence in them.

    Stem cells are found in our bone marrow, brain, blood, muscles, skin and liver. They can be used to help repair diseased and damaged parts of the body, like joins and muscles, and can help with osteoarthritis and a host of other chronic diseases. They can even be injected into your face to give you a more youthful appearance (and it's much less costly and painful than a facelift).

    If you’re not sure how a stem cell implant works, let us break it down for you. The implant, which contains millions of adult stem cells, is injected into your stomach, just below the skin (don’t worry, they use a tiny needle so you’ll barely feel it). These cells help stimulate your body’s own stem cells, kicking them into gear to make you feel better.

    stem cells.jpgThese ready-to-go stem cells can also be injected directly into your joints, if that's what's got you feeling bad. This is where stem cells do their best work. It's a very simple, non-surgical procedure that doesn't require anesthesia and only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. 

    Want to learn more about stem cell therapy? You're in luck, because there's a stem cell seminar being hosted in Cabo this week. It'll be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 2 at the Misiones del Cabo Resort, at Km. 5.5 on the fourlane. RSVP to stemcellcabo@gmail or by calling 624-157-1970 or 624-688-8497.

  • Bisbee's Black & Blue Starts Today (2017/10/25 10:19:28)

    bisbees start.JPG

    The Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament started this morning. The boats were out on the water before dawn, even though the official shotgun start wasn't until 8:00 a.m.

    The Bisbee's tournaments (there's also the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, aka "the little Bisbee's," which was last week) have been taking place in Los Cabos for over 30 years. The Black & Blue is one of the highest paying fishing tournaments in Mexico, with millions of dollars on the line. The tournament's highest overall cash payout was $4,165,960, which is still the largest payout in sportfishing history. Last year's biggest winner was a 534 pound marlin that brought its team more than $2 million.

    That's quite a chunk of change, but you have to take into consideration how much these teams are paying to participate. There's a $5,000 USD per boat base entry fee, and daily jackpot fees range from $1,500 to $30,000. And then there's the "across the board" entry fee, which is almost $72,000. And then there's the cost of the boat and equipment and travel expenses getting to Cabo and accomodation... This is not a poor man's tournament.

    Fishing takes place now through Friday, with daily weigh ins taking place in front of Puerto Paraiso between 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. The awards ceremony happens on Saturday night. 

  • Cabo Has A Tourist Assistance Center! (2017/10/23 14:26:44)

    Did you know that Cabo has a tourist assistance center now? If not, we don't blame you. It's right on the marina, but if you don't know what you're looking for, you'll just walk right by it.

    CATTAC.JPGThe Centro de Asistencia Turística/Tourist Assistance Center (CAT/TAC) has had some trouble with consistency during its short run. It “opened” with a lot of fanfare earlier this year, but that was really just an excuse for the local tourism board to take a photo opp with politicians. The building wasn’t actually finished at the time, and it was several more months before it finally opened to the public.

    With the exception of a name change (from the Center for the Attention and Protection of Tourists to CAT/TAC) things seem to go smoothly for the center for the next few months. And then Lidia hit, and the center closed for a few days, hurricane shutters nailed up. And for more than a month after the storm, the shutters remained up.

    The shutters have now been taken down, so the next time you’re on the marina you can stop by the center to use the bathroom (for free), or for whatever you might need help with. The center was established to help tourists (both foreign and national) with just about anything they need; it’s designed to be a one-stop shop. The services the center (sometimes) provides includes everything from giving out free maps and restaurant recommendations to helping angry consumers file complaints against timeshare companies.

    To read our full article about CAT/TAC, and to see ALL of the services they can help you with, click here.