You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Flight

It’s best not to screw it up


A two-month old masked booby, a bird usually found on oceanside cliffs, landed in the garden of a condo in the Misiones del Cabo development, just outside of Cabo San Lucas.

The condo’s Gringo owner fed it with fish filets and then, not knowing what else to do, called your favorite local rag for help. (Like, what, we’re some kind of booby expert?) We called Profepa, Mexico’s environmental watch dog agency, and one of their officials took the bird to local biologist for an evaluation.

The bird was found healthy, but unable to fly yet. It was probably learning how to fly when it landed in the garden, about 100 yards away from the ocean (and from Mom and Dad). The bird was released by Profepa officials on the cliffs between Misiones and The Cape hotel. Hopefully his parents, who no doubt are worried sick, will find him.

Profepa told us that when a bird, or any wild animal, is found and appears to be injured, don’t touch it and call Profepa immediately. They can be reached at (612) 348-9168 in La Paz, or (624) 124-0564 in Cabo. Be prepared to speak Spanish and to explain why you ignored the first rule.  ,