You Can’t DoThat

Even in Mexico

Agents from Profeco, the consumer watch dog agency, showed up at a British Petroleum station in Pueblo to perform their twice yearly calibration of the pumps but employees refused to allow it.

That stunt has been pulled here in Los Cabos, too, but here the Profeco guys tuck their tail between their legs and slink away. In Pueblo, the federal gendarmerie were called and with their assistance and their automatic rifles, the station was shut down. BP officials said they’re “working on it” to get the station into compliance at two stations. The company also said in a statement that its other stations would continue to operate as normal and reiterated its commitment “to providing quality service to Mexican consumers and complying with the obligation of selling fuel in the correct way.” Yada, yada yada. And just what is “operating as normal” mean? Are they short pouring, too?

Four of the pumps were closed due to fuel leaks (you might not want to light a cigarette while refueling) while the fifth was shut down because of “clear defects,” the agency said. Hours later, Profeco shut down all 20 pumps at a station, also in that city. At that station, the agency said, none of the pumps was displaying valid calibration certification.

Until now the agency had never called for backup from police and there has been no push back from Profeco when gas stations push back on inspections.

However 21 Pemex gas stations were closed in Puebla last yearthey were selling stolen fuel. Ah, that seems to be a different story and those gasoline purshasers who are pissy about getting short poured are glad to buy stolen gas at a discount. This is what’s meant by corruption going so deep. Not only does it go all the way to the top, corruption also goes all the way to the bottom.