Yo Reciclo Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Seven years on and you haven’t got with the program yet? Shame on you!

On April 7,  the organization Yo Reciclo, (I Recycle), will celebrate it’s 7th year in Los Cabos. The birthday celebration will be in San Jose in the Centro de Acopio on Centenario Ave. from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.  There will be a raffle and food.  Raffle tickets cost $100 pesos. For more information call 624-175-3868.

Yo Reciclo sets up shop the first Thursday of the month in Cabo and San Jose from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.  They accept thick cardboard, only clear glass, plastic, metals (aluminum, brass and others), computer equipment except monitors, ink cartridges and toners (HP, Samsung, and Xerox only), cell phones and accessories, small home appliances except TVs , and edible vegetable oil.  For exchange or donation, books, (not textbooks), music CDs, and movies on DVD are accepted.  Items should be rinsed and sorted.  Nothing with food on it or food residue is welcome. 

The plastic collected is sent to Eco Innovacion Ambiental in San Jose where it is processed.  The clear glass is sent to the Glass Factory right here in Cabo off the Bordo.  It has the blue glass roof and looks like a temple. It’s a pretty neat place to visit, actually.

 The cooking oil is sent to Guadalajara to make soap and bio-diesel.  Other items are sent to Tijuana and Leon for further processing. We do not have all the processing equipment here.

In Cabo, they set up in the parking lot of the baseball stadium and the Transito office.   In San Jose, they are located on Centenario Av. and Ildefonso Green until July.  Starting in August, they will be next to the Dorada pharmacy in the new park.    

In Cabo on March 3rd,  cars kept coming in one after another.    Adiel from Arcos del Sol showed up with nine huge trash bags of plastic bottles in the back of his pickup.  All the neighbors had pitched in to clean up the neighborhood. 

Viviana from Public Services was there helping out as part of the new administration’s effort to get government employees involved in community improvement. She said that being concerned about the environment begins with education at home. She admitted she used to be like everyone else was in those days, tossing stuff out the car window.  Now she keeps a plastic bag in her car for her trash.  She believes one person can make a difference by talking to others about the need to improve the environment. 

Many who brought items said they recycle plastic because they don’t want it to get buried in the ground and stay there.  Delia Real has been bringing items for about a year.  She’s worried about so much trash in Cabo and tells her neighbors about recycling.  It’s hard though she says because it’s only one day a month.  You get busy sometimes or forget. It shows, she believes, that people in Cabo really do care about the environment.  It’s just sometimes seems to be a slow process. 

Itta Rodriguez is in charge on Saturdays.  She’s been with Yo Reciclo for seven years and is passionate about what she does.  Itta would like to see the private universities and businesses here get more involved.  They do very little to recycle and seem to lack the will, she says. 

Gabriela Vazquez has been volunteering on Saturdays for five years now.  She says she’s involved because this is the only planet that we have, and she would like to leave something better for her children. 

Take the pledge yourself to recycle and get your neighbors involved.  There really is no excuse not to.