Wine, It’s Not Just For Drinking

And trust us, its other uses are very nice

It’s well known that having a glass or two of wine can help you relax. But did you know that drinking wine isn’t the only way you can reap its benefits?

The Somma Wine Spa at Grand Fiesta Americana offers guests wine treatments and therapies (claiming they are the only spa in all of Mexico do so). And no, a wine spa treatment doesn’t mean you’re getting slathered with wine straight out of the bottle.

Alexander Rodas, the spa manager, says that is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about the spa. Instead of using wine, all of the products used in the treatments – everything from the mud masks to the massage oils – are made from the oils from the different wine grapes. According to Rodas, the grapes contain antioxidants and minerals that help moisturize the skin and slow down the aging process.

winespa.JPG“Just like it’s good for the heart, it’s good for the skin,” he says.

And because the treatments use the grape oils and not the actual wine, there’s no need for you to worry about absorbing any alcohol through your skin and getting drunk. Rodas says that’s another misconception some guests have, which worries people who don’t drink. (Whereas who don't drink worry us.) But the experience isn’t about the alcohol, it’s about the grapes and the benefits they provide.

“It’s really cool to see someone who doesn’t drink wine enjoying the wine treatment,” Rodas says.

Treatments at Somma include everything from the sauvignon blanc Swedish message to the chardonnay deep tissue massage to the champagne body wrap. Rodas says the merlot wine mud massage is one of his favorite treatments. It starts with a mud body mask that’s infused with merlot grape oil. While the body mask is drying, a merlot facial mask is applied as well. The dried mud is rubbed off with warm washcloths, and then comes the massage with the grape oil.

Another popular treatment is the four hands massage, where, you guessed it, you have two masseuses working on you at the same time using a synchronized technique. Do they use Menage a Trois wine for that?

There’s also the candle wax massage; instead of massage oil, the masseuse uses warm wax from a soy candle that’s infused with Malbec grape oils. Rodas says the wax is warm, not hot, so it doesn’t burn, and once it’s melted it turns into oil. You're going to love it, he insists.

The Somma spa experience doesn’t stop once your massage or body wrap is done. After your spa treatment, you go out to the central lounge area where you can prop your feet up and continue the wine “therapy” by enjoying a glass of red or white wine (they also offer water or tea for non-drinkers). Depending on your treatment, you might get a warm neck pillow or cucumber slices for your eyes to help you continue to relax. Because the lounge area is in the center of the spa, it’s not totally quiet - with spa employees and other guests coming and going - but you’ll be so blissed out after your treatment that you won’t mind. It helps ease you back into the real world.

For those wanting to be pampered as a group, there’s the Barefoot Experience. For that, the spa staff sets out chairs on the beach with a fire pit in the center. Small barrels full of grapes are brought out, and everyone stomps on them like they were making wine back in the old country. Rodas says the seeds of the grapes give your feet a mini exfoliation treatment, and the juices help moisturize them. After the wine stomping comes the foot massage with a merlot cream, along with a scalp massage.

Once everyone has been thoroughly massaged, the group enjoys a three-course dinner on the beach, with the chef preparing the meal at the table. There’s also a wine tasting with three different types of Mexican wine. The Barefoot Experience can run anywhere from $80 USD per person to $300, Rodas says, largely depending on the food chosen for the dinner.

The Somma Wine Spa is open to the public, although Rodas says they don’t see that many locals. Some people think it’s too far out of town (come on, people, it’s only 20 minutes away, if even that!).

He says another reason locals don’t often visit the spa is because they think it’s expensive. Well, that all depends on your budget. Massages range from about $100 to $105 for 50 minutes and from roughly $130 to $150 for 80 minutes. (The four hands massage is more, since you have an extra masseuse.) Body wraps are $110, and facials run from $125 to $160. But for locals, the spa offers a 20% discount. And day passes, which gets you access to the hot and cold pools, steam rooms and saunas, are only $20.

For locals, “We are a different experience,” Rodas says. “They must try it, if they don’t want the same old treatments.”

To make an appointment with the Somma Wine Spa at the Grand Fiesta Americana, which is located off the fourlane on the way from Cabo to San Jose, you can call them at (624) 145-6287 or message them on Facebook at