Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?


There are many, many benefits to using your very own realtor as your agent when you purchase a home or property. The number-one reason is fiduciary duty. This means that your buyer’s agent will act for you in YOUR best interest, no one else’s. You are the buyer’s agent primary principal, not the developer or the seller.  Number two is, having your own buyer’s agent does NOT cost you anything more or extra and you will have your very own buyer’s agent working for YOU. Number three is, you get your very own area expert who knows the different communities along with all sorts of other important, city, community and HOA considerations. The fourth reason is your buyer’s agent will contact all the different listing agents and set up showing appointments and map out the most efficient route to use in order to make efficient use of everyone’s time.

OK, lets recap, you are getting a real estate specialist who knows the areas here, can help you find the home or property you want, will negotiate terms, price and conditions all in YOUR best interests all at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! WHAT A DEAL.

A realtor may ask you to sign a buyer’s agency agreement. This is very similar to a listing agreement that the seller would enter into with a realtor when they are listing their property.

This buyer’s agency agreement helps establish an exclusive commitment and trust between the buyer and the buyer’s agent in fiduciary duty. Under this agreement, the buyer’s confidentiality is respected along with the agent's commission that will be paid out by the seller and/or listing brokerage when the buyer's purchase is completed. Here are some good questions to ask your buyer’ agent: How long have you been working in the real estate industry? Are you a member of the MLS here in Cabo and the Baja? What communities and areas do you specialize in? Where can I learn more about you? Do you have a website?

What types of properties do you have experience with? Do you have business affiliates you can refer me to? Home inspector? Notary? Trades? What is your negotiating style? What is your current relationship with past clients?

In the end, what really matters is what your heart and gut are telling you. Do you trust the realtor you are considering working with? Do you feel they are listening to you and what you want? Do you like them? There are so many benefits in choosing your own buyer’s agent to help you with your property purchase. So let me ask you this, why wouldn’t you use your very own buyer’s agent?

If you would like help with purchasing real estate here in Cabo San Lucas, please contact me: NatalieEvaniewRemax@gmail.com I am a Realtor with Re/Max New Beginnings located in Cabo San Lucas.