Why Dump When We Can Recycle?

Several businesses in La Paz are making it easier to be environmentally friendly

Walking on the malecon in La Paz, you can see trash cans labeled “organico” and “inorganico,” but there’s nothing separating the non-recyclables from the recyclables. With the abundance of plastics used for drinking water and glass bottles for Coca-Colas and beers, you would think they would have the recycling thing down. Despite the city-wide trash pick up that occurs twice a week, La Paz does not have a curbside recycling program. And, as it turns out, La Paz does not have a centralized location for processing recyclable materials.

One big problem is we don't have the very expensive equipment it takes to recycle many products. It's common see 18 wheelers going north, full of materials to recycle. They are driven to Tijuana and processed there, but that adds a lot of cost to recycling.

Several independent businesses, along with a few of the segunda thrift stores have taken it into their own hands to redirect recyclables from the dump. Taking this extra step to drop your recyclables at these businesses will not only make the environment happy, you can make some money off it too!

If you visit the dump, you’ll see a crowd of people rummaging through the trash for goods that are salvageable, or sellable, because they know these recyclables are worth a few pesos. So, if you’re too lazy to take the extra step to deliver your recyclables to the proper businesses yourself, at least do the rummagers a favor by keeping recyclables sorted. That way, you can at least increase the likelihood that your recyclables will be found and not simply destroyed and/or buried under all the mucky garbage being sent to the landfill.

Our garbage doesn’t simply disappear, and if you need a reminder of that, just take a look at the photo accompanying this story. And remember, everything except for glass, cardboard, and aluminum is shipped out of La Paz for processing, creating a major carbon footprint. So reduce before you use, and recycle if you do. And here’s a list of where you can take your recyclables.

Glass: Ecology Project International

Guillermo Prieto 1038

e/Navarro y Encinas. Col. Centro

Hours: Tue. & Thur. 9am-12pm

Tel: 52 612 165 6561

Plastic/Paper/Aluminum: Centro de Acopio Ponguinguiola

s/n Calle Nayarit, Inalámbrica

Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

Tel: 01 612 154 5382

Web: facebook.com/ponguinguiola.ac


Metals/Plastic/Aluminum/Auto Parts: Eco Verde Recicladora

Carret. Los Planes km 1

Col. Agua Escondida

Hours: M-F 8am-6pm, Sat. 8am-6pm

Tel: 612 157 2175

Web: Facebook - Eco Verde Recicladora

Plastic/Glass/Paper/Aluminum: Marina de La Paz*

Topete 3040

Hours: M-F 8am-6pm, Sat. 8am-1pm

Tel: 01 612 125 2112

*For marina patrons only