Where Can We Recycle In Cabo?

We get this question a lot. Here’s the answer. Again. Write it down this time

If you’re at all concerned about the environment, it kills you to see the piles of plastic water bottles accumulating in your trash can. But what else can you do? Admittedly, recycling options are extremely limited here in Los Cabos, but there are some available.

The reason there is not more recycling in our town is because we’re too small to support the big machinery that breaks the stuff down to be used again. You will notice flatbed trucks on the highway north, loaded with smooshed materials to be recycled. But that’s not cost effective for many kinds of trash.

watersit.JPGIn downtown Cabo, you can take your recycling to Plaza Los Mariachis. That’s the plaza on the back side of Cabo Wabo, where Rips and Jungle Bar are. You’ll find the recycling bins along the far wall as you enter the plaza, next to Jungle Bar. You can take your cans (aluminum and tin), paper, plastics (but not bags) and glass there.

There’s also Yo Reciclo, an organization that hosts monthly recycling events in Cabo and San Jose. If you have a lot of recycling, and a lot of different items that you can’t drop off at usual recycling stations, this is something to check out.

From 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month, Yo Reciclo sets up tents to receive clear glass bottles, metals, plastics (except Styrofoam), thick cardboard, computer equipment (except monitors), small home appliances (except TVs), cellphones and accessories, edible vegetable oil, ink cartridges and toners of HP, Samsung and Xerox printers.

In San Jose, Yo Reciclo sets up at Avenida Copa Mexico (outside of the basketball court, next to the stadium). In Cabo, you can find them at the parking lot of the baseball stadium. Email@yoreciclo.org.mxfor more information.

Now that you know where to go, there’s no excuse to keep throwing away your water bottles, beer cans and whatever else you’ve been tossing out.