What’s New With Cabo Restaurants?

The old bus stop is a must-try

Remember the old bus stop? Here’s a place many of our readers are familiar with, but this place has a new twist. It’s what many of us call the old bus stop because in its former life it was, well, a bus stop. The restaurant was a little shack roof erected right on the pavement. Your feet were on asphalt. It has now slowly morphed into a very pleasant full service, enclosed and air-conditioned restaurant. It’s time we started calling it by its name, Alcaravea.

What’s so exciting about this place is their new lunch offering. For ten bucks you get a very good salad, choice of about five entrées, desert and a beverage. It’s like half the price of dinner and just as plentiful and good. I like the steak; bar none, the best in Los Cabos. They never over cook it and I don’t need a steak knife to cut it.

They have long lunch hours to accommodate the early foreigners, and the late Mexicans who customarily don’t eat their lunch until about 2 pm.

It’s close to downtown Cabo but hard to explain because we don’t pay attention to the street names. Well, you’re just going to have to because it’s on Zaragoza, which goes into the main drag about behind Squid Roe. But Zaragoza is one way, coming down into downtown. The cross street is Green. They have a website with a map, www.alcaraveagourmetcabo.xyz. Yeah, we don’t get the .xyz either but it works. Easy parking, too.

Fancy place, cheap food If you’re looking for a nice place to have breakfast on the beach, we suggest heading over to the Pacific side and eat at the Quivira clubhouse. Great atmosphere, good food and, most surprising, dishes that cost under $10.50.

That’s the cost of the most expensive breakfast item, steak and eggs. The next most expensive item is chilaquiles with chicken and eggs for $10. Most dishes, like omelets, huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos, are in the $8 to $9 range.

Just one warning: While the food is reasonably priced, the drinks are not. We enjoyed four mimosas (two each) with our breakfast and those cost just about as much as our food. Stick to water or coffee if you want to keep the price down.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ocean view (the club sits right smack dab on the beach), which can’t be beat. We’re looking forward to going back now that whale watching season is starting up, to see if we can get some free whale watching with our breakfast. Also, don’t get your hopes up that you can get through the guard gate. They are pretty erratic in granting entrance. But, once you’re in, look around, there are lots of different types of residences for sale.

Just grab and go If you’re planning a picnic on the beach, or just want a quick grab-and-go lunch, check out California Ranch Market at the Shoppes at Palmilla. You can get fresh fruit, individual Greek yogurt cups and ready-made cous cous, wild rice, quinoa and tabouli salads from the grab-and-go case. The salads range from $4 to $12, depending on the size.

In the deli, you can build your own sandwich, choosing your bread, meat, cheese and toppings that include things like basil pesto, jalapeños and grilled veggies. Sandwiches run about $8 and are big enough for two people to split, or for one person to get two lunches out of one. Unfortunately, the store’s Cabo location has no such deli or grab-and-go section, but they do have fruit, snacks and all the makings for a sandwich, so you can still put together a little picnic spread if you want to work that hard.

California Ranch Market is also the place to go when you’re craving your favorite American snack. They buy from the same distributor as Whole Foods, so you’ll see a lot of familiar organic brands. You’ll also see things like Chex Mix and Oreos and Cheerios and Hidden Valley Ranch. But be prepared for some sticker shock: That big box of Cheerios will cost you $8. Same for the Oreos.

Store owner Fred Botello says his customers are willing to pay the higher prices come hell or high water because they want their favorite foods from back home. And they like the store’s consistency too. California Ranch Market always has its regular items in stock, unlike Costco and Walmart, where it’s a crapshoot if the salad dressing you love and bought there last week will be on the shelves this week. The smaller version of the store is downtown Cabo, main drag, just past the traffic circle.

And why can Freddie consistently get the goods to us? Because he owns refrigerated trucks, he’s a wholesale importer to restaurants, that’s why. He also brings this newspaper down in his refer trucks: they arrive cold. Pretty neat.