What’s Going On With Our Favorite Restaurants?

The storm was pretty tough on them

Rebuilding after Lidia Two popular Los Cabos restaurants were victims of Tropical Storm Lidia. Vagabundos Trailer Park, just outside of Cabo on the fourlane, ended up mostly buried in sand with at least one car rammed inside the restaurant. And Misiones de Kino, which sits just across from Mar de Cortez on Vicente Guerrero, caught on fire right during the storm. How does that even happen during a rain storm? While parts of the exterior structure remained intact, the interior is gutted.

Both restaurants are asking their patrons to donate money. Vagabundo’s is trying to raise money so they can pay their staff for a couple of weeks. It’s looking unlikely that they will be able to reopen in the trailer park, and will have to find a new location. You can send money directly to Peter, a parner, via PayPal. His PayPal email address is pcashmore@gmail.com.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Misiones de Keno. They’re hoping to raise $150,000 USD to rebuild the restaurant. You can donate by visiting gofundme.com/help-misiones-de-kino-cabo.

Another way to help That would be to eat out a few extra times this week and give our local restaurants a little economic boost. Many of them were closed after the storm, and it wasn’t necessarily because of water damage. After the water receded, there was a bunch of dirt and dust left behind in the streets. Any restaurant that has an open kitchen or dining area that sits along the street was at risk for having that dust fly into their food, and potentially exposing their diners to all sorts of germs.

The health department placed a temporary ban on these restaurants, as well as mobile food carts and vendors. Having clean water was also a concern for some places.

The ban was lifted after a week, but that’s a long time for these restaurants to be closed and not bringing in any money. And it was a long haul for all those servers to go without tips.  Lidia still had an effect on some restaurants that were able to open  right after the storm, with business being slower than usual for this time of year.

So, take the money you normally spend on groceries and put it towards eating out a few times. These restaurants need our support.

And while you’re at it… Make a point to go grab a bite at the C.J.’s New York Deli  in San Jose. The seemingly never-ending construction along the Paseo Malecon has taken its toll on C.J.’s business, which is in the plaza Caracol, part of the Hotel Zone. Sales have dropped and owner George Adams has announced that he is no longer able to make the rent. He hasuntil September 30 to come up with roughly $1,400 USD. C’mon, everyone pitch in, his food is so plentiful, so good, but so cheap it’s going to be a heavy lift to get that much scratched together. His reuben sandwiches alone are worth it.

Going gluten free? When you’re asking for gluten free restaurant recommendations here in Cabo, the name that gets tossed out most often is Mint Jungle and Amber’s Market. They’re in Pioneer Plaza, and market themselves as being 100% certified gluten free. They also get a lot of love from people who are just looking for healthier restaurant options, gluten free or not.

Amber’s Market is the small market/bakery that offers a variety of gluten free cookies, muffins and brownies. They also sell organic coffee, jamaica and chia seeds. Mint Jungle is the open-air bar and café that sits just outside the market, in the courtyard of the plaza. Their gluten free offerings range from omelets and salads to sandwiches and pizza. If you go for brunch, be sure to try the French toast; it’s one of their best dishes.