What’s Going On On The Corridor?

Lots of building

There are a gaggle, (a school? Herd? Flock? Yes, that’s it, a flock), of cranes spread along the Sea of Cortez, easily visible to the casual driver cruising down the fourlane between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas.

VieVage will be managed by Auberge and this is not their first rodeo. These guys know how to pamper and the ocean front residential community  promises to be spectacularIt’s all infill between older, existing hotels and residential communities, and it’s been a long time coming. In some instances there have been land ownership issues to be sorted out, and of course following 2008 investment capital dried up and flew away.. But the flood gates of financing have been opened now, and there’s lots of excitement about growth in Los Cabos. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, you’re whining about Cabo not being like it used to be. That’s because you don’t work here, and you’re not looking for work. Growth is good for those of us who need a thriving economy, not a sleepy little town with a few bums stumbling off a fishing boat and into a grass shack bar on the beach. If you’re pining away for that Cabo that’s gone, go up the coast to the East Cape or even Loreto or the tiny settlements up and down the coast. Well? I don’t see you packing up and leaving the cozy deal you have here with Home Depot and Costco. So suck it up when you see those cranes, and welcome the next generation of Cabo visitors who are in the pipeline.

With some exceptions, most of the cranes are assisting in building high rise, high end hotels, not residential communities, and not timeshare. There is an interesting community of high end, low density residential properties inside the 1000 acre master planned community of Cheleno Bay, which is at Km 15.  In the tradition of silly names that nobody can remember, this one is  called VieVage. It doesn’t even mean anything in Spanish. Maybe someone was trying to make a point in Scrabble.

This 22 acre development shares some of the amenities of the master property, most notably the Tom Fazio 18 hole golf course, the restaurants, and the shopping village stocked with fresh produce.  Those are all being built by Cheleno Bay properties but VieVage folks will be using it too.

Phase 1 will have 32 private residential beach villas, and at the heart of that will be a 29 room boutique hotel. It will be managed and branded by Auberge Resorts, a very high end  company known for its world wide collection of boutique hotels, resorts, spas, and vacation properties famous for their world class service.

Earthy, natural materials and original art are used throughout, and the appointments and appliances are to American standards.

Because of the proximity to the hotel, the owners of the residences get  to use the hotel staff that’s available 24 hours a day. There’s a concierge team that can arrange anything you want, but the handiest service they provide is the pre arrival grocery run. They will also coordinate in-town activities and dinner reservations. They can plan and execute special occasion parties.  Of course you will have access to daily housekeeping and laundry services. All this in your private home! They will also handle renting out your home if you choose to do that.

There’s a gym, of course. And a full service spa, 400 foot long swimming pool that winds its way through the community, and several restaurants ranging from taco bar to ocean front dinner house.

You have the option, if you want to, to become a member of the private Chileno Bay Golf Club by adding a golf membership to the residential purchase. Of course they’re not saying how much that will cost, so bring be prepared to wheel and deal on that.

Another cool feature is your HOA fees cover a professional management team that make sure your property values are kept up by keeping appearances up. The HOA also takes care of all your utilities, property taxes, staff salaries, supplies, accounting fees, and trash pickup. Your home will be truly hassle free, which is a big, big break in Mexico where nothing gets done without a hassle.

This combination of residences and boutique hotel works well for everyone, no matter which way they visit Los Cabo, especially well for those who like to be pampered and who don’t want to be burdened with running another household.

The hotel and residences are on track to open third quarter of next year, but if you go out there now, you can see a very busy crew hard at work building it, and you can see examples of how it will look if you want to get in on the ground floor.  And why wouldn’t you want to get in on the ground floor? It’s built and managed by experienced professionals, and it’s centered right between the ocean and the fourlane, between Cabo and San Jose. There is an onsite sales office, or call in the States 800 916 1290. In Cabo call Susan Jeffas on her cellie at 624 122 0440. Her email is susanj@vievageloscabos.com

Their website is at www.vievageloscabos.com, but the website sucks, there isn’t much information there, you need to swing by the property. Don’t worry, this is not timeshare, these sales people don’t bite and they’re actually very low key, very professional. It will be fun.