We Might Not Change The World, But We Can Definitely Change Someone Else's World


For the first time in La Paz one of the biggest bands in the entire world, a band that shaped an era of romanticism with their songs in the 80s … Air Supply.

It is brought to you by Conciertos Con Causa La Paz BCS, a new concept from the Latin Grammy Nominated band Proyecto Insomnio, a Paceño, local band. The purpose of this foundation/concept is to help social needs, in or outside of the scope of government and within our community.

With this concert, we are helping the charities known as, Corazón de Niño, SEDIF BCS and DIF Municipal La Paz. We know there is an infinite need all around each of our communities, and we as citizens of these communities have the responsibility to help in any way if we can. I feel otherwise, we are doomed as a society.

The concept and plan are very simple; to bring concerts of international value to our beloved city in hopes that people will come to enjoy a show that is only available in Mexico City and/or in the U.S. And in doing so, use a portion to donate to all possible social causes we see are in need. Conciertos con Causa is a concert brand and we are constituting it as a charity organization properly regulated and organized.

We understand the need for such entertainment in our community and the movement that these events cause to our local economy. We activate restaurants, hotels, printing, radio and TV, transportation, airlines, Eventual tourism, eventual work for up to 2,500 people involved in all the moving parts to be able to realize an event such as these, among other things like culture expansion and social bonding, in hopes of creating empathy for our fellow citizens  in need. Let's hope by the end of this current concert series, with first Air Supply on November 3 and then Ramon Ayala on December 7, that people will be more open to participating in their communities, beyond just attending a great concert. We need all the hands and all the people that we can to make a difference to join this venture so we can make it possible for a long time. Pass it along and let's help together!