We’re Mexico’s First Green Port!

ensenada-400x248.jpgEnsenada, the only deep-water port on the Baja Peninsula, has been named Mexico’s first green port.

A green port is on that is environmentally conscious. As if ports had a conscious.

The green certification has been given to Ensenada because we comply with national and international laws regarding environmental management and port sustainability. And we keep emission of pollutants to a minimum. We’re not saying we don’t emit any, but we do keep them to a minimum so you hardly notice.

The certification program is operated by ECO Sustainable Logic Chain, a foundation that develops environmental management tools for ports all over the world. Oh oh. We see a conflict here. So the company that gives out the gold stars is also a company that can be hired to get a port qualified for a gold star. Hmmmm.....

To qualify for this gold star, a port must prepare an environmental policy, describe how environmental management is implemented and provide an overview of environment aspects of the port area. And guess who can do all that for the port’s management? Yup.

We’re not saying we don’t deserve it, we’re just saying what if we didn’t hire this company to help us out? Would we still have earned our star? Just asking.