We’re Going To Be Connected To The Mainland

What, you mean we aren’t already? Well, why the heck not, this is 2017!

A new $1 billion USD project has just been approved for Baja California Sur. CFE, the electric company here in Mexico, announced that we will be connected to mainland Mexico and will receive our fair share of clean energy, just like the rest of the country. This clean energy will be delivered via an underwater pipeline that will measure just under 55 miles long and will stretch across the entire Sea of Cortez. Well it wouldn’t do us much good if it only went part way, would it now?

jaws.JPGCurrently, BCS, (that’s our state, Bunky), is responsible for producing its own energy and does so using 10 different power plants that generate energy using fuel oil and diesel. Since these plants are only used locally (in-state) they tend to be less efficient than those on mainland Mexico that are used nationally. In addition, carbon emissions are very high here (BCS is the sixth largest consumer of energy in Mexico), which takes its toll on our local environment. And anyhow, La Paz people are sick and tired of living with the soot generated there to make electricity for Los Cabos.

The new energy we’ll be getting will come mainly from the states of Sonora and Sinaloa. Natural gas power plants in these two states will be able to cover all of our electricity needs no matter how long you stand there with the refrigerator door open.

The energy manufactured on the mainland is cheaper than that which we produce in BCS so you can expect a cheaper electric bill as well. Yeah, expect away. We will see.

The underwater connection will also help ensure that a hurricane or storm won’t knock out our power, since the electricity will be coming from an environment not as susceptible to natural disaster. Unless of course, your line outside your house goes into the wind.

In addition to electricity, the underwater pipeline will include a fiber optic connection which will bring us better telecommunications, (internet, telephone, cell phone, etc). Now that’s something we can really get excited about!

The new underwater pipeline will splash into the sea just north of the Baja California North/BCS border at a little town called El Infiernito and will come out in Bahia Kino in Sonora, 55 miles away. It will be almost a half mile deep. From the connection point in El Infiernito, power will be distributed down the Sea of Cortez, ending here in Los Cabos, which is the end of the line.

Don’t get too excited though, this project is going to take a while. Work is expected to start in 2021, and we will have to wait a few years after that before the juice starts flowing. Why? Because this is Mexico.