Watch That Next Step!

Dangerous sidewalks abound in Mexico but it seems like Los Cabos takes that tradition to new lows.

The Amigos of downtown, which now wants to be known as Empresarios del Centro, (Downtown businesses), is demanding the city government do something about the holes in the sidewalks some big enough to lose a Buick in.

Several agencies are to blame, but the worst of these holes are owned by the department we love to hate, Oomsapas. The water department. Following the remodeling of downtown Cabo, they covered their access points with plastic lids that break under a person’s weight. Now you’ve got a hole about 18 inches by about 12 inches, a very sneaky sized hole.  A government official promised last week that they will replace at least 100 of those cheapo plastic lids this week.

Sure the lids are a constant problem, but it’s mostly tourists who fall into them, as we locals watch where we’re going. We know we can’t count on safe footsteps like you people seem to think is a birth right.

Second at fault are the outdated, half destroyed TelMex telephone booths. Who needs a telephone booth these days? They are blocking pedestrian traffic and some are trash deposits.

Third culprit is our sidewalks that undulate up and down with each new store front, something that our stumble bum tourists are not used to in their world. Some sidewalks have several sets of steps to negotiate in a single block. That’s because the streets and sidewalks were built to follow the geography, or even the whim of a shop owner who wanted a different kind of front entrance. This was before urban planning existed. OK, it still doesn’t exist. It exists, it’s just that nobody pays any attention to it because nobody enforces it.

Let’s keep our eyes open out there, your next step could be a misstep that will change your vacation.