Want to Start a New Life?

There’s help here, locally.

Emotional pain can bring actual physical pain to your body and, while you might be taking pain killers and spend a lot of dough on doctors and hospitals, even surgeries, the solution could be at hand at a cost that you can afford.

There are also those times when people realize that their lives have gone awry, that every step is a hindrance and that the journey and goal they expected to travel is not there for them anymore or is unattainable.

Lauren Gaydosh, a sociologist at the Center for Medicine Health and Society at Vanderbilt University, suggests that unhappiness and its symptoms are widespread in middle age Americans of all races and ethnicities.

Nathan, a friend that prefers to remain anonymous, told us of his long story of physical and emotional pain and his journey through several surgeries, including spine, shoulders and joint replacements. Still, the pain didn’t go away.

Then he found World Touch, directed by Kevin Devine and his wife, who live in Cabo most of the time and have helped numerous people in the past at The Freedom Center, but have now become free and work on house calls and private one-on-one sessions and family sessions if needed, and not only in Cabo, but anywhere, and they're bilingual.

Kevin, 51 and a former entrepreneur from the U.S. is trained in rehab and counselling and can peel off your feelings and emotional wounds like an onion. He has a unique and successful program geared towards people such as Nathan; the chronic relapser seeking the last door of hope. Nathan was interviewed and given an evaluation. Upon those results, he was asked what he was willing to do in order to be free of misery. “Whatever it takes,” he responded truthfully.

Kevin himself acknowledges that “My quest to understand the recovery industry began in 1997 when I realized that my wife at the time, and I, had deep problems. Both of us were self-medicating. She was a five liters of wine a day alcoholic. I, on the other hand, was a work and foodaholic. Using my time and resources, I began to investigate treatment options and to learn everything I could about the recovery industry for both of us. I discovered the huge variances in the treatments available. Digging deeper, I was struck by the high failure rate of those treatment centers. By chance, however, I did find one program located in Honduras that had been created and was being run by an American that finally gave me hope,” he said. “Upon returning to the States, I began accompanying Oxycotin and heroin addicts down to Honduras for recovery. They trained me, and then they eventually allowed me to run their center. During this time, the seed of giving up my businesses and creating a treatment center in Mexico was germinating.”

This summer Kevin celebrates their seventh year in operation here in Cabo San Lucas.

Kevin went on to enhance his process with a counselling program in which he had once participated, which gives individuals and couples the principles needed for positive application in their personal lives.

By using the counselling guide, and participating in group, couple, family, and individual counselling, he believes that people are able to find the answers and solutions to their struggles and problems.

“First of all, they come to us willingly. We see with our evaluation how their lives are when they arrive. Some want to die. They are tormented, abandoned, orphaned, and generally lacking love. They are beat up by life, and can’t see outside of themselves,” he responded. “We offer a cleansing process to rid them forever of the generational curses, character defects, childhood wounds, guilt, anger, self-pity, and resentments that have ruled and ruined their lives. Our program exposes the negative programming, or lies, that have been told to them, and that they have been telling themselves. We are into character, habit, and thought replacement. People are in the habit of masking their weaknesses. Our challenge is to reprogram by scrubbing the hard drive, if you will. We challenge them to become honest with themselves. We are here to breathe life into their death.”

For Nathan, it was a life-changing experience. If you feel you, or someone you know, could benefit from this program, a complimentary evaluation is available to everyone. There is a contribution for services, which is on a sliding scale depending on the evaluation itself. The overarching corporation WorldTouch is a non-profit organization. I recommend you give Kevin Devine – almost Divine – a call to set up an appointment. The contact number for US/Canada is 650.690.8555, Mexico cel 624.178.0599. ,