Traveling Indigenous Market Stops In Cabo

Hurry down to this Oaxacan charmer, it’s only here a short time

Once a year vendors from the Southern state of Oaxaca come to Cabo for a few weeks.  The Oaxacan market is located in the WalMart parking lot just outside of Cabo San Lucas, and runs from January 17th to February 1st from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.  The majority of the vendors have been participating in this fair for about 10 years and there is a wide array of vendors with quality products at reasonable prices. 

tia.jpgThe stand  called Tia Viky sells 12 different kinds of mole such as green, black, red, almond, pumpkin seed,  and fruit,  along with cheese and bread. Tia Viky means Aunt Vickie and mole, pronounced mole-ay is a complicated sauce with traditions going back hundreds of years.

Senora Victoria and her family have been making artesian mole for over 80 years and it’s a process that takes all day to make one batch.  Like we said, it’s complicated, with a good mole using more than 39 ingredients. When asked her why she makes mole, she said, “It’s our business.  I like to cook and sell mole, and I have been involved in the business since I was little girl. 

I purchased the mole pipian (pumpkin seed) which is my favorite, the fruit one to try something different, and a ball of super fresh string cheese.   It’s really hard to get good mole here in Cabo, so don’t miss out if you see it on a menu. It’s a sauce. Usually served over chicken but sometimes other meats.

A little further down the aisle Enrique Santos from Puebla sells modern looking paper wall hangings called papel amate made from tree bark.  It is a craft of the indigenous Otomi (Aztec ) and is hundreds of years old.  

Chatarra Convertida sells metal sculptures made from recycled junk including lots of screws, bolts, and nuts.   Those items are transformed into cars and statues such as a D.J., golfer, dentist, doctor, violinist, or soccer player. 

Carolina Soto specializes in angelology which uses angels to provide guidance in your life.  In case your life is in need of such guidance. For $150 pesos she will conduct a reading in four areas:  health, work, love, and mission in life.  During the reading, she will provide insight and suggestions.  She will also tell you what angels are present in your life.  That way you can call on them daily for help and support.

The leather shoe stand has modern styles with bright colors this year for children, women, and men.  There are stylish hand woven plastic purses and bags, jewelry, and lots of embroidered cotton clothes for women and men. 

 You can also find straw hats, colorful metal mirrors, black pottery, and onyx pieces at this market. The health and wellness stand sells natural health drops made from medicinal plants for all your aliments from A to Z.   All it takes is five drops daily applied under the tongue.  Others sell aromatherapy oils and honey products.  If you are hungry, try some gorditas, tortas (sandwiches), churros, homemade ice cream, or candy.  The Regiones de Oaxaca Restaurant serves a variety of dishes, and they are all good.

So go to the indigenous market, it’s a bit of old Mexico right there in the new fanglled WallMart parking lot. Maybe if you squint, you can squint the big box store away and pretend you’re in the real Mexico. Sure, that’s going to take some serious squinting, but this charming market and its wonderful gentle people can help you pull it off. The market is here only until February 1, so shake a leg.