Topes Could Be Smarter Than You

The worst part of driving in Mexico is slowly going high tech, bringing traffic control into the 21st century.

An “intelligent” speed bump is being installed for a trial run over on the mainland. Used to be the tope was just a lump of concrete on the roadway that either slows you down or destroys your vehicle’s suspension if you don’t spot it in time. Otherwise known as a sleeping policeman, topes are getting new respect.

The new, dynamic tope is equipped with a system that allows it to detect the speed of an oncoming vehicle. Those travelling under the 25 mph will pass freely without having to slow for a speed bump, but motorists exceeding the limit will be forced to slow down when the speed bump rises from the surface of the road.

The tope can also be raised during opening and closing times at a nearby schools, and pedestrians will be able to control it with the press of a button to allow them to cross the road in safely.

This is called a speed bump, a tope, and even a sleeping policeman, but this particular one is called smart, because it moves in response to need.
We’re just throwing this picture in for giggles