Top 10 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Cabo


1) The Weather. The weather in Cabo is amazing. We receive up to 360 days of sunshine yearly. Who wouldn’t want to be here???

2) The Food. The food here is wonderful. Foodies love Cabo as there are so many 5-Star restaurants and great tacos to keep you coming back for more!

3) The People. The Mexican people here are kind-hearted, extremely hard working and want to please.

4) Cost of Living. Day-to-day living here in Mexico is very inexpensive. Utilities here compared, to Canada or the U.S. are reasonable; so are cell phones, internet and satellite services.

5) Rental Income Potential. Rent rates are notoriously high here, maybe the highest in all of Mexico. You have a great opportunity to make a good ROI on your property investment here in Los Cabos.

6) The Beaches. The beaches are fabulous. Snorkeling, Paddle Boarding, SeaDooing, Surfing, Boating, Fishing, the options are endless. Come and see for yourself.

7) Activities and Excursions. Anything you want to do here is second to none when experiencing it here in Cabo. Want to ride Camels? ATV or a Razor on the beach? How about a Romantic Dinner Cruise? Ziplining? Parasailing? Contact: for great prices and customer service.

8) The Night Life. The Night Clubs are abundant and lots of fun if that is your scene. Music and dancing all night long.

9) Easy Travel Destination. Cabo is a simple place to travel to and from. You can arrive by plane in a couple of hours from California. Driving down the Baja is also an option.

10) Desirable Location. Tourist love to come to Cabo. Almost all come back over and over again. And others come and don’t go back, like me!

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