Tips For The Baja Home Environment

The careful reader will have observed we’re presenting you this issue with the need to think your purchases through with the need to be environmentally conscious. Buy smart and recycle and work to reduce your personal carbon footprint, and here’s some ideas on how to draw your home into that mindset. Here are some tips to make your home and your wallet a little greener.

Buy efficient appliances. Appliances are getting more efficient every year, and some have better energy and water-use ratings than others. The energy rating of an appliance is easy to find and can be a great guide for those looking to reduce their electricity and water consumption.

Install low-use fixtures. Shower heads, toilets, faucets and other fixtures now come in models that use less water than others. These fixtures can lower a home's utility bill as well as reduce the amount of water a home uses.

Plant a garden. Plants remove carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Keeping a garden can help counteract your carbon output, provide a fun hobby and supply you with homegrown vegetables or beautiful flowers. Install a drip irrigation system so that plants get only the water they need.

Landscape using climate-appropriate plants. Local plants are better adapted to the environment, are non-invasive to other species and require less water than outsiders.

Invest in insulation. Insulate everything, the local electric company is not friendly to those who like to live in refrigerator conditions. Keep that thermostat up, fans on, and shades drawn in the summer.

 Martin Posch is a real estate advisor at The Agency Baja. He can be reached at 624-147-5857.