These Kids Are Not Happy Campers

You can stick a flag in their hands, but that doesn’t make them want to swing it.


Assistant Secretary for American Consular Affairs, Michele Thoren Bond made a hurried up five day visit to Monterrey, Merida, Cancun, and Mexico City and the highlight of her trip was leading the U.S. delegation in the bilateral consular dialogue with the government of Mexico. Representatives from U.S. Customs and Border Protection also participated.  Hot topics included sharing best practices for crisis management, fraud prevention, and coordinated assistance for dual citizens.

During her visit to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, assistant secretary Bond attended an outreach event which the Embassy to document U.S. born children living in Mexico.  Bond told the children they represented the growing culture of bi-nationalism that brings our countries even closer together.

Looks like they’re hanging on her every word - not. These kids are caught between two cultures: they are legal and welcome in the United States, while most of their parents are not.