There is a Marina in Todos Santos

Rather, an abandoned quay

There is a spot near Tres Santos in Punta Lobos where a concrete quay was built in 1932. At the time it was used to load and offload large boats, and the wharf still exists today. This port was constructed by General Juan Dominguez Cota back then, who was the Governor of the State of Baja California Sur. The first Port Captain was Rafael Martinez Colunga who collaborated with the 11th infantry battalion to make it happen and thereby enhance the local commerce.

TS quay Zivic.jpg

After an arduous climb behind the hill south of Punta Lobos is a small cove officially named "Puerto Campechano," but it was, and still is,  called, Bahia Algodones (Cotton Port). Boats would arrive from California and Mexican ports and would load up with local panocha and tomatoes. Panocha is a brown sugar processed from the sugar cane that was known as the local main crop. The tomatoes were specifically targeted for the San Francisco area and loaded in wooden boxes. One of these many tomato shippers to San Francisco, the boat, "Molokai," was mentioned to have been the favorite one. The Japanese and American crew would entertain the local primary school kids for a tour of the vessel and give them fancy candies from Frisco as the sailors called it.

The eventual loss of the value of sugar cane as a viable cash crop, along with a water issue in the '50s caused the demise of the docking facility. The paving of the Baja transpeninsular highway and the advantages of the trucking industry created the need for sea transportation to end.  There ends the saga of the only Marina in Todos Santos … for now!