There’s A New Food Bank In Los Cabos

This time, it’s for pets

Considering that Mexico is one of the largest producers of pet food in the world, it’s ironic that so many animals (especially those who have been abandoned or have always lived on the streets) go hungry.

To combat this problem, local animal lover and activist John Villegas has organized Los Cabos’ first, and only, food bank for pets.

foodbank.JPGJohn, as you might remember from one our previous love notes to you, is working to organizing a pet airlift to get homeless animals to no kill shelters in the U.S. and Canada. He has a reputation as someone who’s always helping animals, and is constantly getting pleas from rescue organizations for pet food or funds to purchase food. He hates seeing the photos of skin and bones animals, and says the thought of so many going hungry keeps him up nights. So, he tasked himself with finding a solution.

Once his idea was formed, John put a call out on Facebook looking for a place that could house the food bank. George Adams, owner of CJ’s Deli and fellow animal lover, volunteered his San Jose restaurant location immediately.

To get something from the food bank, organizations must first make a request to Villegas via his Facebook page, Pick up times are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Tuesday through Sunday.

And there is one other requirement: The food bank is available only to Los Cabos’ no kill shelters. Villegas says he made this stipulation because these shelters are not affiliated with a large international organization that has a donor network. They don’t have the time or the resources to do a lot of fundraising.“Many of them go out and rescue pets knowing that many of their rescues have no chance of adoption for various reasons,” John says. “They just want tothem happy and healthy, and spare them from being euthanized.”

Currently, word about the pet food bank is spreading via John’s posts on Facebook and word of mouth. He says that while he’s been happy with the amount of donations the pet food bank has gotten so far, many of them come from repeat donors, and it’s not enough to sustain the food bank long term. He’s currently looking for a pet food wholesaler that would sell at cost, or donate their outdated food.

The food bank is accepting donations of pet food, cleaning supplies, cloth towels, collars, leashes, toys and any other pet related items. Donations can be dropped off at CJ’s Deli in San Jose, which is behind the La Comer grocery store. Cash donations are also accepted and can be sent via PayPal to (be sure to specify that your donation is for the pet food bank).