Terry Neal – A Renowned Author and Founder Of Baja Charters



Terry Neal, a Cabo San Lucas local for many years, is a co-founder with Christine Ramos of Baja Charters. Terry is a very interesting person! He is a life-long student of ancient history and a recognized authority on money and economics. 

He served as a consultant to the governments of several island nations, and formerly an economic advisor to clients in 16 countries on five continents. He is the retired founder of an international business with 250 offices worldwide, has been the CEO of multiple public and private companies, a venture capitalist, trust manager, public speaker, and syndicated radio show host. 

Neal has authored multiple newsletters, magazine articles, two lecture series on CDs and published eight books. His most recent book is "The Search for Zarahemla."

Terry is a widow, has eight children, twenty-seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He has led a fascinating life, as all of us who know him agree. Terry loves to fly, he loves to sail, and he loves to travel and read. Five of his books are on economic strategy. Two of his books are on science and philosophy, and his most recent, "The Search for Zarahemla" is his first novel.

Terry now enjoys the lifestyle in Cabo San Lucas. He and Christine have owned and operated Baja Charters for eight years providing charters and excursions on the inside Sea of Cortez. Their office is located around the corner from Dairy Queen at Tesoro Resort. His right hand, Christine, does an incredible job making your Yacht Charter and/or Excursion an incredible adventure that everyone should have on their "bucket list"!  I had the opportunity to go on the private beach tour recently. They have professional transportation that arrives at your home or resort and transports you to La Paz.

When you arrive, welcome aboard! Baja Charters has several options in water travel. I went on the Island Cat, a large and spacious sailing catamaran. You are greeted with breakfast that includes fresh fruit, danish, yogart and the beverage of your choice. Water, soda, beer, mixed drinks.  Chef John makes incredible Bloody Marys. Then you have the option to go paddle boarding to the private beach, or be transported by the attached boat, the Island Kitty, to the private beach. Afterwards, lunch is offered, then snorkelling. The Island Kitty takes you to the rocks so you can see the wonders beneath the ocean and the Sea Lions close and upfront. First Mate Leo guides you so you don't miss any of the beauty.

All of the crew are educated, certified, and licensed. Captain Chris is a 100-ton Master Captain from the U.S. Coast Guard. They have several Master Captains, and the vast majority of their nautical activities include a marine biologist on board as hostess and snorkel leader.

They have nine websites, most include short videos of what they do. The latest website, which will be up this week, is snorkelling with the Giant Manta.

In addition to the catamaran, they have a 96', triple-deck cruising yacht, a sports fisher with fighting chairs, outriggers, cabin, and two snorkel and scuba boats. They also charter third-party yachts when theirs are booked. They were the very first operator from Cabo or San Jose del Cabo to offer the Whale Shark Encounter.

They began the whale shark project before the road was completed between Cabo and La Paz. Now, there are over 100 licensed providers doing the whale shark swim. 

None provide even close to what Baja Charters provides, over 60% of their total annual revenues come from returning guests who fly back from the U.S. and Canada to enjoy the experience again, and again. 

According to the Port Captain's office, their sailing catamaran is the most active charter yacht operating from any of the eight marinas in La Paz.  They are an environmentally conscious company and even provide reef-friendly sunscreen to all guests at no charge. In addition to charters and excursions, they offer private events such as weddings on board, reception on the private beach, or whatever your special occasion may be. Baja Charters website is www.bajacharters.com, U.S. phone - 214-974-0501, Mexico 612-152-9940. If you wish to email Terry Neal, his email address is terry@bajacharters.com.