Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

Again. Never hurts to do that too many times

Taxi drivers are pissed off at Uber again. On the morning of Friday, August 24th, a group of taxi drivers, from two groups, used their cabs to protest and block traffic in La Paz. The protesters started at 7:30 am at Colosio Boulevard, and went down Boulevard Forjadores to reach the Government Palace. That's the State House. The capitol, but hardly a palace. (Half the time they don't even cut the grass in the front yard).

 Uber started operation legally in La Paz last November, and it is affecting local cab drivers, who are marching because they say Uber has taken between 70 and 80 percent of their business. Well, look inward, fellas!

Felipe Acevedo, a representative of the guild, said there are an equal number of Uber drivers and taxi drivers in the city and the competition is negatively affecting families who rely on their bread winner driving a taxi. Apparently to hell with the families whose bread winner captains his own ship, those who have turned the family car into a job.

There is a hope that the transport situation will be solved, but if city officials don't ban ride hail services, expect more protests. So say the taxistas.