Tales From The Hood


It will help if you play the song Car Wash while reading this …

My pal, Adrian Gomez, MBA, looks more like a handsome, fancy country club golf pro with his flawless English and snappy new red car, than the working owner of one of our city’s best garages and hand car washes.

You can tell he has more of a personal relationship with his clients than the average rough-hewn mechanic. The men slap him on the back and joke with him, and the women are charmed … yes, charmed! The ladies all light up when he politely gets up and takes their keys and listens to their car problems like he was taking an urgent message for the Pope. The men and women all confidently walk away with a smile knowing their cars are in good hands.

Adrian is one of those very rare Mexicans who was born and raised in Cabo. His great-great-grandfather came to the Baja like so many others looking for gold. As a child, he remembers playing with marble-sized nuggets his grandfather, also a miner, had and liked to show off. His grandmother was a schoolteacher and his mother was famous all over town for her delicious cakes. His father built the first post office for the Mexican government here and then decided to stay and run it. His father’s post office was where the Tesoro is now and private planes would land on the beach where Medano Beach is today. There were a Marine Head Quarters and soccer field there too.

“Why Cabo?” I asked. I mean you’ve got to wonder why a guy like Adrian never ventured out into the real world, and when he did, always came back.

“Mondo, this place was a real paradise!” he answered. He gets pleasantly nostalgic when thinking about his childhood here and, in particular, when he received a little red wagon as a present from some gringos living in the RV park. That little red wagon was the greatest thing that ever happened to Adrian and left a lasting impression. Perhaps the way he took care of that red wagon was the first indication of his destiny combined with an MBA from Universidad del Golfo de California, UCG, which set his course for the future. He likes to tell about when they went to the beach and would watch the private planes of the rich and famous land right on Medano Beach after the days when Frank Sinatra and John Wayne came here to relax in a paradise, where not only did the locals not care who they were, they did not even know who they were.

This, of course, is why they came here along with the pristine beaches, friendly natives and fabulous sport fishing. Jacques Cousteau declared Cabo “the aquarium of the world.”

Adrian has been running his business every day for the last 18 years. I have been to a lot of mechanics in town as I drive older “classic” cars ... my favorite being a pristine 1991 Mercedes 560 SEL, the last handmade car Mercedes ever built, and a 1993 Suburban. Both these cars are kept in perfect order by Adrian and his team. They have everything you need to keep your vehicles pandemic free, including an ozone generator that takes three hours to do its job on your interior. It kills every living molecule and returns that new car smell all for about $30.

That brings me to the best part of doing business with Adrian and Juan, his top mechanic, and Daniel, his carwash guru. The prices are much lower than any other garage and, best of all, you will get an honest diagnosis of what is wrong with your car. This alone explains the loyalty of Adrian’s clients. Car wash to tune-ups, to brakes, to transmission, peso for peso, you will not be able to beat Adrian’s Performance Auto Detail shop located at Narciso Mendoza between I. Green and Felix Ortega. Best if you call Adrian who will come and get your car or truck if need be at 624 122 3279. Tell him Mondo sent you!