Students Inspired To Help After Quake

Just days after the 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City, Ivan Sanchez, a student from University of Guadalajara, had an idea. As an industrial design student, he’s been taught to produce, design and solve problems. He put a post on Facebook, asking his friends to use their design knowledge to help those affected by the quake.

stretchers.JPGThe post quickly spread to students at other schools, and the result was more than 60 emergency stretchers, cots and baby cribs, made in just two days by students, teachers and graduates from the University of Guadalajara, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Pan-American University.

More than 200 students met in the University of Guadalajara workshop to cut, bend, solder and vulcanize canvas to make stretchers and cots, while others were cutting plywood to make cribs.

The students, including our own Cooking Like A Mexican columnist, Alejandra Borbolla, are now putting together a plan to create temporary housing for those who lost their homes in the Oaxaca earthquake.