Sports Facilities In Los Cabos

Here’s a good alternative to the bar scene
The access road to the basketball court is in bad shape

When it comes to being active and staying fit, the Los Cabos community has free or low cost facilities for walking, jogging, running, playing basketball, baseball, softball volleyball, soccer, and tennis. In San Jose, new basketball courts went up two years ago near the Deportivo Sports Complex that features an indoor basketball gym, the only hardwood court in Baja California Sur. They also have a  clay tennis court.

In Cabo San Lucas, the major sports parks are the Delegacion Sports Complex, which features the city's only good baseball stadium, as well as the regular amenities and fitness areas.

 Then there’s the Arenal Sports Complex located next door and around the corner from Office Depot, and is clearly visible from the Bordo, the road leading from the fourlane at the bull ring to Highway 19, which leads towards Todos Santos and La Paz. At Arenal there is a children's playground, a covered rooftop basketball court, soccer field, and enclosed smaller soccer court.

The dusty soccer field at the entrance into Cabo near the Walmart overpass doesn't really count as a sports facility, it’s so tacky, but they do have adult soccer league games there most evenings under the lights. A small baseball diamond is located there as well, but due to lack of use, people might not even be aware it exists. Strangely enough, there's another small, dusty, baseball field located behind Walmart, where women's league baseball and softball games are held.

And of course, El Cerro de Timbre, which is located downtown and is easily recognizable from the jumble of boulders surrounding it. Some of the city sports offices are there, and you can find late night lighting for the basketball courts where nearly every night men’s and women’s adult league games are played.

The Los Cabos sports community has long needed renovation updates and new construction of athletic complexes. The new basketball courts at Don Koll, while beautiful to look at and play in, are nearly impossible to access. The pristine and newly minted basketball courts were left without a concrete access road and worse, were built right next to an arroyo, where the road leading to the courts would logically be. Of course when the arroyo floods, so does the already crummy road. Currently the hoop court access road is a dusty, dirt path that winds left and right and up and down the crooked patch of Earth that has been modeled and shaped by the ravages of rain and water rushing through on its way from the upper barrios to the sea.

"This is a nightmare,'' said JC Arellano, who has been playing in multiple basketball leagues in Cabo for three years. "I'm glad I didn't invite my girlfriend and her friends to come watch us play. They would be pissed if they had to try and drive through here.''

Don Koll, a long time Los Cabos part time resident and one of the most visionary developers, passed away in 2012 after a long debilitating illness. Among other projects, like the Palmilla, Koll tore down the old Hacienda Hotel on Medano Beach and build the fancy pants million dollar Hacienda Residences.

Now let’s talk developer fees.

Koll came here after many years developing commercial property in Southern California. He understood the need for developer fees and appreciated that hose fees are supposed to mitigate the impact of the construction. Developer fees pay for such things as sewer connection and disposal, connecting to the electricity grid, building low impact access to the property, and anything else the city fathers feel are needed. In the sad case of developer fees for the Hacienda condominiums, Koll was directed to build the Taj Mahal of soccer stadiums in what at the time was a squatter camp. Los Cangrejos has now been “regularized” into a legal barrio, but still lacks basic infrastructure. However, they do have a hell of a soccer stadium. At one time there was raw sewage running down the dirt road alongside the stadium. That’s fixed now, but barely. The best that can be said for this developer fee is Koll construction company did a good job of building a sturdy facility and the fee didn’t go into some politician’s pocket.

The facility features a soccer field with a track circling it. The city adult soccer leagues use it, as do young Olympic hopefuls who train there. It is very popular. The city spent federal funds to repair the track lighting which got blown off to hell by Hurricane Odile, and then spiffed up the track. Then they built four brand new basketball courts and spiffed up the existing volleyball courts. And then they stopped. Screeched to a halt at the edge of the facility, leaving no real access road. Maybe they expect the athletes who use it are capable of hiking to it? Or maybe their grant money didn’t cover access. Oops.