Spencer Moore Dies At 77

Spencer Moore, who owned restaurants in Cabo San Lucas for about 25 years, has died in the United States. He was 77 and in ill health for several years.

Spencer was most famous for his restaurant he called Mama's Royal Café, which he opened in 1991 and which was all about breakfast. Specializing in bountiful breakfasts “like mama used to make”, Mama's Royal Cafe had something for every appetite, from fresh fruit plates and smoothies, to 40 variations of omelets, including a King Kong omelet that had the works tucked in it. Because Spencer believed people didn’t have faith in a restaurant that served both breakfast and dinner, he flipped the name around mid-day and called his location Felix at night. Both menus were very popular.

Before washing up on our shores, Spencer cooked his way around California, winning “Best Of’ awards in Marin County, Sonoma, Berkeley, and Julian. Spencer’s cooking philosophy was summed up by himself thusly: “Cooking is fun and cooking is easy. If it were difficult or took any brains at all, the human race would have died out centuries ago.”

Spencer was also known for his cooking features he published in his online blog. It consisted of some recipes, and frequently about his salsas. He had a salsa bar that boasted between 25 and 40 fresh varieties on any given day.

He originally started this blog because he got tired of answering requests for salsa recipes. His blog led to a show on The Food Network, where he was dubbed the ‘Salsa King’ by the celebrity chef du jour. That led to appearances on TV in Reno where he demonstrated salsa making techniques in his alter ego of the salsa king. Then someone at Chile Pepper magazine wrote a seven page article on him and that led to a gig on ABC TV in Chicago.

So in some circles he was the famous salsa king, but locals just knew him as an old hippie who was a good cook and had a no bullshit attitude about food.

We will always remember Spencer Moore standing in his kitchen, flipping eggs, cigarette dangling out the corner of his mouth, and dodging the big yellow dog that always lay at his feet.

His blog is still up, because nothing ever dies on the internet, so check out felixcabosanlucas.blogspot.mx for some of his recipes and to get a flavor of the man.

He is survived by his son Spencer Moore Jr. His son Stephen predeceased him.