SOUTH: July 27, 2015 | Gringo Gazette

SOUTH: July 27, 2015

Here’s A Somewhat Successful Way Of Dodging The Road Tax

Like everyone, Mexicans want a bargain wherever they can find it. And, cars bought here are no bargain. Cars bought in the United States are a bargain. So, they go up there, or send a relative up, or have relatives who live there, and can drive a U.S. plated car down to them. Cool.

Dolores Takes Out Medano

Even though hurricane Dolores blew by us almost 300 miles out to sea, we still got some drizzles and a lot of pounding surf.

We had a couple of days of 40 mph winds and swells of six to 12 feet. This was enough to cause the port captain to close the marina for several days, which means no boats went in or out, a bummer for the sportfishing industry. Also, our most popular beach, Medano, was mostly closed, as the sea surged up to the front doors of most of the bars and restaurants. If they had a front door, which they don’t.

Que Pasa in Cabo?

Cape Hotel opens. We think. It’s hard to tell for sure. Cape, a Thompson Hotel, as they like to be called, is on the water next to Sunset de Mona Lisa right outside of Cabo, and in our opinion has taken the title Mona had as the best view in Los Cabos.

What’s Going On In This Country?

Can we talk? Well, I talk, you listen.

Several months ago David Flores quit writing this column. Now all he does is write his Que Pasta column and then pretty much just screws around, as far as I can tell.