Sol De Mayo, One Of Baja’s Hidden Gems

It offers everything from hiking to swimming to waterfalls and stunning views

Since arriving in Los Cabos, I’ve quickly learned to never say no to a local when they invite me on a day trip or an adventure. Accepting their offers has been one of the main ways I have gotten to know a much more interesting and diverse side of Cabo than I ever imagined was here.


Sol de Mayo, officially named the Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo, is located just outside of Santiago and is one of the seven canyons that make up the Sierra de la Laguna biosphere reserve. Sol de Mayo offers a little bit of everything: hiking, a waterfall and cool, clear pools to swim in, a place to explore and appreciate nature and an opportunity to see a completely different side of the Baja.

It is also a place that has value for many locals. People claim (as they were told by their ancestors) that every plant in this area holds a particular aromatic, medicinal or ornamental value.

Getting there isn’t complicated, and you don’t need a special vehicle. The easiest way to take the highway towards Las Barriles, going about 35 miles north of San Jose. When you reach the turnoff for Santiago, (there are signs), turn left and follow the road until just before you reach downtown. Here, there is a dirt road that goes slightly uphill and you will pick up the signs saying “Sol de Mayo” that will lead you the rest of the way.

An important thing to do on your way to Sol de Mayo is to stop at the lookout point that overlooks the little pueblo of Santiago. It’s amazing, after becoming accustomed to living in a desert climate, to see such a large area that’s abundant and rich with green plants and trees. It blows you away. Well, it blew me away.

Some things you’ll want to bring along include: running shoes or close-toed shoes that are good enough for a hike (there is slight climb down to the falls), a swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, lunch if you want to have a picnic there, a big bottle of water for the hike and another to keep in the car for when you get back, and a camera so you can capture the natural beauty of this oasis.