So You Want To Move Here?

Some things to think about

If you’re considering retiring in Mexico, you’re in the company of an estimated one million Canadians and Americans who have beat you to it.

One of the biggest factors for many North Americans who make the decision for retiring in Mexico is how close Mexico is. Being just a short flight away from home is very important to many people who want to retire abroad, but also want to visit friends and family, or be close to medical services.

A very close second, is that retiring in Mexico is very affordable, which helps a fixed income to go much further. Everything from food to utilities, healthcare to leisure activities costs so much less in Mexico than it does in the US, Canada or Europe, although choosing Los Cabos is not going to be your cheapest way to enjoy the country. The costs around here do keep the riff raff out, however. The schools are pretty bad, but private education is way cheaper than abroad and of decent quality.

Still, Mexico real estate is affordable compared to much of North America or Europe. And there are many types of real estate to choose from here, from laid back beachfront to mountains. Additionally Mexico real estate is a great way to invest in Mexico. Rentals are going like hotcakes now, and people who buy a home to live in can rent it on sites like Airbnb at great profits.

The food in Mexico is wonderful. Shopping at the local markets for fish, meat, fruit and vegetables is a great value for the money, mostly. Just try buying decent lettuce that doesn’t go black and slimy and icky in the middle within a few days. OK, Costco has good lettuce, but you have to buy three of them. You could try walking outside to the outdoor Costco restaurant and passing out the other two and making some new friends.

The cost of utilities is pretty cheap unless the electric utility chooses you to go nuts on, and property taxes are so low they’re a joke. And the exchange rate just keeps getting better and better. The peso has lost half its value in the last few years, making almost everything half price for someone with a foreign income. So does the declining peso make Mexico less stable? No, the peso has plunged mostly due to President Trump’s angry rhetoric.

Finally, getting residency in Mexico for your Mexico retirement is pretty simple and straight forward. It’s a lot easier than it used to be. However, until you decide to buy here, it’s somewhat easier to just cruise on your tourist visa you were handed on the airplane. It’s good for six months, no muss, no fuss.

From a lifestyle point of view, the laid-back vibe of the warm and welcoming native population makes for stress free living. This doesn’t mean that your retirement in Mexico has to be sedentary, unless you want it to be.

While our infrastructure might have pot holes in it, keep in mind the charm of it all. You don’t move here just for the cheaper living, you’re here for the charm, the ocean, the warm people, and the great food. And you will be amazed at how welcoming most people are.