Smart Tech Shows Value In Resorts Like Ours

And smart tech is getting smarter and easier all the time

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a “smart home.” And now that we know how it is possible to run an entire household off our cell phones, technology has taken us to a whole new level.

A company called Smart Spaces, a cutting-edge technology company, has expanded from Mexico City, where they got their start, decades ago, to Los Cabos.


Stepping into their showroom just outside of San Lucas, is like stepping into the future – except all that we see is available now.

We watched as our host Giancarlos Munoz used a little gadget hooked onto his index finger to control everything in the room, including three huge TV screens that can show three different shows, or they can spread one picture across all three giant screens. Or, he can stop waving his finger around and control everything with gestures on a 60-inch Lucite screen that you can use as your kitchen counter if you want to. And by controlling everything, we mean right down to the hue of the light bulbs, which sets different moods. Of course, the sound coming out of the screens, by way of speakers that seem everywhere but are seen nowhere, is bone chilling.

They also can work such wizardry as to monitor things like your water tank and gas levels in the house, and detect leaks and alert you to your levels. Sadly, this technology does not clean up the water leaks. Yet.

All systems in the home, right down to the electric curtains and numerous kitchen gadgets, are now hooked into one controller, which is none other than the simple little cell phone. Giancarlos tells us his job is to integrate all this technology into that one controller, and that he sells experiences, not technology. He knows most of us don’t want to deal with the nitty gritty details of how this happens, so please, just make it seamless and easy for us. The company does “easy” well.

smart02.JPGWe got a peek into the back room where the systems are designed and saw that an awful lot of planning and execution goes into it.

The company spends most of its time on commercial applications of smart technology, which is even more impressive. Four to six people sit in front of two giant screens each, generating as many as 160 pages of detailed plans for a large condo or residential property. This includes control of outdoor lighting and irrigation, control of common rooms, and even the control of individual living quarters. Everything in a commercial property is designed to save on labor, to optimize use of utilities, and to present a more impressive and convenient experience for the customer.

Currently, they are finding a lot of success selling systems to many of the new buildings under construction on the fourlane. These commercial projects cannot afford to neglect smart technology and Smart Spaces seems to be the leader right here and right now.

To see an amazing array of technology, all of it working seamlessly, check out their showroom across from Costco, in the strip center that houses Cabo Fitness. You can’t miss their large electronic moving sign, and yes, they build, install, and program those, too.