Skateboard Park In Pescadero

A labor of love for the local kids

The Pescadero Skate Park and School is located off Calle Ravel Street, which is the first road that every visitor encounters as they make their way along Highway 19 north towards Todos Santos into the small but growing fishing community of Pescadero. Pescadero in English means fisherman.

The Pescadero Skate Park was reopened in March, 2017, and is available for use, lessons and fun, from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM every day. The vertical bowl is its greatest attraction and not really suited for beginners. Created by Airspeed, this hidden gem is rough in spots and faster than snot. "There is enough here for every skill level,'' said the bilingual Arce, pointing to a flat concrete beginners area about 32 feet away from the bowl. "We provide pads, helmets, and even boards, but most kids bring their own.''

Pescadero is the quiet and humble city between Cerritos and Todos Santos. After making that first right off the highway, the dusty road to the Pescadero Skate Park and School, is the third one on the left. There are little red colored directional wooden signs posted on Calle Ravel Street corners with arrows to guide anyone there.

''This place was abandoned at one time,'' said Jose Arce. ''but now, we have built and added a new restroom facility with showers. We need and would like anyone to help with donations of shoes and skater clothing for kids.'' The current sponsors of the Pescadero Skate Park and camp site include La Katrina Surf Shop in Todos Santos. "We would like to hold a Baja Skateboarding Championships someday, and then a competitive national level event inviting everyone in Mexico, '' added Jose Arce. ''The Pescadero Scool is a place where children have the opportunity to learn and develop new techniques on a skateboard in a healthy and fun environment.'

The bowl at Pescadero rivals any skate park in Mexico. The Pescadero Skate Park and School, held its inaugural grand opening in 2002. The cost of its construction, estimated at $40,000 USD, was donated by former NFL football player and surfing enthusiast, Justin Armour; who is good friends with skate park manager Jose Arce and his brother, whose family owns the 1/2 acre private property.

The 45-year old Justin Armour played wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills (1995–1996), Philadelphia Eagles (1997), San Francisco 49ers (1997), Denver Broncos (1998), and Baltimore Ravens (1999). He is also the former head coach of the Manitou Springs High School football team in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Justin was a Consensus All-American with the Manitou Springs Mustangs. During high school, he helped the Mustangs to a AA state track and field championship and the AAA state championship.

The skate park in La Paz was constructed and open to the public on June 18, 2013. The La Paz Skate Association Facebook page has 5,096 followers.

The Pescadero Skate Scool, is spelled without the 'h'' because as 24-year old, Pescadero-born and raised skate instructor extraordinaire, Jose Arce, explained, "We left out the H because our skate boarding classes are sCool.'' Yeah, and he probably misspelled it on his business cards and didn’t want to buy new ones.

Seth Watson of Oakdale, Northern California was playing around on the day we were there and he said, "I looked online and found this place pretty easily. I'm staying in El Pescador for a little while and have been here before two years ago. I first came down to Baja to fish and surf, but this time I brought my skateboard. This place is a really good bowl where you can build up speed and go pretty fast. It's definitely a professional skateboarding bowl.''

''We average about 10-12 kids a day from the Las Palmitas neighborhood, in which we live,'' noted Arce. ''There are three girls, two of whom come every now and then and one, Elizabeth, who is a very serious skater and can do some impressive things; one of which is hand boarding.'' That’s the act and art of balancing oneself upside down on the board and skating with the use of their hands instead of their feet.

The Pescadero Skate Park and School held a fundraising event for boys and girls ages 10-13 last month. The Pescadero School, located in the Las Palmitas neighborhood, can be reached by calling (624) 154-0233. If the line is busy, Jose Arce, can be counted on returning every missed call within the hour as the young and determined skateboarding professional continues moving the park and school into a successful future with the help of local businesses and sponsors willing to fund their dream for a better Pescadero. The park is located one block east from the four lane highway with red colored signs to help guide visitors into the skateboarding future of this small quiet village.

The Cabo San Lucas Skate Association recently started construction of a skate park and said there is enough potential which local officials applaud as a positive change in the Los Cabos community.