Six Gadgets For Your Next Cabo Trip

Add these to your packing list

When you visit Cabo, there are the obvious “must pack” items: Sunscreen, bathing suit, phone, GoPro and/or selfie stick, Pepto Bismo, etc. But there are a few new gadgets, recently released on the travel technology market, that should also make your packing list.

Pocket-size washing machine: If you’re traveling to Cabo for more than a week, you might need to freshen up your clothes. With a new product called The Scrubba Wash Bag ($55 USD), you can now do your laundry anywhere. With only two to four liters of water and a bit of washing detergent, (we’re assuming hotel hand soap or shampoo works just fine) you’ll have your clothes fresh and clean in less than three minutes.

10gadegets.JPGWater purifier bottle: Contaminated drinking water is always a concern in Mexico. While drinking bottled water is always recommended, and it certainly is easier, a water purifier bottle is good to have if you aren’t near a store or have already finished your bottle. The CamelBak All Clear ($99) uses UV technology to purify up to 16 gallons of water with each charge.

Selfie drone: As much as we hate to admit it, the selfie stick is a useful photo-taking tool, especially when you’re on vacation. But now, there’s something even better! It’s the pocket-sized selfie drone from Hover Passport ($500) that you put up in the air and control with your iPhone or iPad.

Video stabilizer: Horseback riding on the beach, ATVs, bike riding and other activities are all must-dos while in Cabo. But it’s hard to get good video footage while you’re doing them. With the new VILTA by Freevision ($300), you can get fully stable footage no matter how crazy the activity. And it’s easy to use; just attach it to any GoPro mount you have or hold it in your hand while recording. Also useful on those mornings when you can’t keep your hands from shaking. You know why, don’t pretend you don’t.

Wireless portable speaker: Relaxing on the beach is even better when you have your favorite tunes. And having a wireless portable speaker means you can take your music anywhere, from Medano to Lover’s Beach to Cerritos. Scosche’s boomBOTTLE ($80) is one of the best in its class thanks to its mix of rugged waterproof construction and high-end audio.

Portable personal safe: Whether you’re staying at a timeshare, 5-star resort or an AirBnb, there’s always a concern about your passport, jewelry and other valuables going missing. But with a Portable Personal Safe from MasterLock ($20), you can rest assured your stuff is safe. The safe is small, about the size of a sunglasses case, which means you can easily take it with you when leave the hotel, and can fit your phone, camera, passport or whatever else you might want to store. So what if you lose the little bugger, at least your stuff wasn’t stolen.

All of these products can be found for purchase online with a quick Google search. While they might not necessarily be Cabo “must haves,” they’re definitely “want to haves” that can make your vacation a whole lot more enjoyable.