Should You Rent A Car In Los Cabos?


There are a lot of alternate ways to commute in Cabo. You may take a bus, Uber, taxi or walk to your destination. For the most flexibility and freedom, a rental car may be your best option.

 When researching in advance or shopping for a rental car, don’t be fooled by what appears to be very low prices such as low as $6 USD a day on websites that offer rental vehicles. That figure could be equated to approximately $60 USD a day by the time you leave the rental agency. Be careful trusting even the websites affiliated with major rental car companies. The Cabo rental companies are operated independently and set their own rates.

Mexican law requires personal liability insurance on all car rentals. If you are from the United States, your auto insurance does not cover liability in Mexico and most credit card rental insurance companies do not provide coverage either. Make an effort to check with your card issuer beforehand. Some rental companies include the insurance in their rental fees, other companies add an additional fee, typically $20 USD or more per day. It is required to have a valid credit card to rent a car. An international driver's license is not required to drive in Mexico.

 Be sure to carefully look over the vehicle before driving off the rental car lot. You may want to take photos of any dents, scratches, glass issues. Some unscrupulous rental companies will find all sorts of "damage" upon return and attempt to require a charge for the damages. Also, check and make sure you have a spare tire and jack in your vehicle before departing the rental car agency.

It is advised to watch carefully when you place fuel in your rental vehicle. An attendant will fill your vehicle with fuel since there are no self-service stations in Cabo. Check to see that the pump is zeroed out before the attendant begins fueling. Pay for your gas with cash if at all possible and be very careful of what bills you give the attendant. Some unscrupulous attendants are experts at swapping bills.

 Most resorts offer free parking, and valet service to park and retrieve your car. Check with your resort or hotel in advance. With care and a bit of research, you’ll have the freedom to go anywhere you desire when you rent a rental car.