San Jose Music Festival All Over The Map

And we mean that literally

The Fiesta de La Musica Los Cabos 2016, now in its 8th year, will take place on Saturday, June 18 in San Jose.  It is known as “La Fiesta de Todos y Para Todos” (Everybody’s Party and For Everyone) including tourists, businesses, adults, kids, family etc., and it’s absolutely free and can be found on every street corner. Well, almost.

 It is an international event that began in France in 1982 and now takes place in 120 countries including Mexico.  In Mexico, the participating cities are Guadalajara, DF (Mexico City), San Luis Potosi, and Los Cabos.  It is a day for musicians to express themselves in public and to celebrate music.   This event traditionally takes place on June 21 which is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  However, it has been scooted over to Saturday June 18 so it is on the weekend. 

It started here eight years ago, when a musician from France was visiting Cabo.  He explained the European concept to his musician friends, and they took it and ran with it.

The 2016 Music Festival will take place in the streets of downtown San Jose primarily in the main streets and historic avenues around the main square such as Boulevard Antonio. Mijares, Alvaro Obregon, Zaragoza, and M. Doblado.  Just head downtown and you will find the 20 stages featuring over 60 local bands from all over Mexico.

 It begins at 7:00 pm. (Mexican time), and ends at 2:00 am, but the party will continue at the bar Cuervos House from 12:00 to 5:00 am with invited DJs cranking out the music.  Cuervos House is located on the corner of Boulevard Mijares and Boulevard Puerto Los Cabos.  For those who want to spend the night there are hotel discounts or camping options.  Camping goes for $6.00 dollars per person per night at the sports club Punto Azul which has great amenities such as a swimming pool, showers, and restrooms.  It’s behind the town, cross over Centanario St, out the road to the Saturday farmers market, just bear left and go a little farther than the market.

The 20 different street corner stages will feature music for all generations such as jazz, pop, rock, world, alternative, metal, cumbia, salsa, etc. with musicians from the U.S. and Mexico.  The main stage #1 called Vivarte will be limited to musicians that have produced at least eight original songs. 

The deadline for applications to participate was May 27, but don’t despair if you missed it.  Just show up.  Some of the best things happen on the fly, especially in Mexico. Marco Mandujano, festival promoter, commented that once a reggae band called Black Maria showed up the day of the festival.  They were able to set up in an intersection, and had more people hanging out with them than at any of the stages.  The following year, they qualified for the main stage, Vivarte.  Today, they are split up into the Dirty Sandals and Yellow Spot Fingers.  He also noted that three years ago a heavy metal band called Holly Pop showed up at the last minute.  They got a quickie permit and found a corner to set up on. The radio station Cabo Mil heard them and suggested they participate in the Concurso de Rock, which they did and took 1st place. 

So remember the date, June 18, show up and see what happens, it’s a very spontaneous thing.

Dario Luna is the director of the Music Festival.   For more information visit