Ride Hailing Service As Good As Uber

Here’s how to use it, and how it went for us

For those of you who’ve not yet heard, the rideshare gods have finally answered our prayers and delivered an “Uber-like” app to Los Cabos called Andale Cabo. Anyone familiar with the US-based Lyft and Uber apps will find Andale Cabo convenient and easy to use. With essentially the same interface as Uber, I found Andale Cabo to be incredibly easy to navigate.

I downloaded Andale via the app store on my smart phone. The first time I used it, I was prompted to enter my credit card information, as this is their billing method, and to select a default percentage for a tip. (Pro Tip #1: If storing your credit card number on an app you’ve never used before is unsettling to you, a prepaid debit card from Oxxo will also do the trick!) I entered my information, set my pickup location, and waited for my ride.

I am based in a San Jose colonia, and I noticed right away that all of the drivers were in the hotel zone. I was fine with waiting, but I appreciated that my driver called me within minutes of accepting my ride request to let me know he was about 10 minutes away and to see if that was okay with me. He arrived promptly and took me to my destination without any hiccups. (Pro Tip #2: If you’re not feeling too good about a stranger coming to your house to pick you up, set your pickup location up the on a street corner or somewhere else nearby and wait for them there.)

Once I got to where I was going, my driver and I parted ways. I was alerted via the Andale app that my ride was complete, and asked to give my driver a rating. Unlike Uber and Lyft, there isn’t a 5-star system. Andale makes it as simple as possible: thumbs up, or thumbs down? I was at my drop-off location for about two hours, and then requested a second ride to get home. Coincidentally, I ended up with the same driver who dropped me off, and my ride home was just as smooth as my ride there. (Pro Tip #3: Andale Cabo asks you to select a default percentage to tip your driver. You cannot retroactively adjust your tip once a ride is complete, so if you want to tip your driver more, so do with cash.)

My trip was about 4.5 km (2.8 miles) each way, and cost me around 160 pesos each way, including my 15% tip, making the fare is quite comparable to what I have paid Uber and Lyft in the US. Andale has some extra features, though, that I really like. You have the ability to reserve a ride in advance, which would be ideal for an airport pickup/drop-off, a medical appointment, or any other time-sensitive occasion. There is also the option of setting a return trip and having the same driver who dropped you off pick you up after a predetermined amount of time.

When it comes to charges, Andale has a strict cancellation policy. If you cancel after 5 minutes of requesting your ride, you will be charged a nonrefundable cancellation fee. It also charges users 100% of the costs of any material damage imposed on the vehicle by the user, as reported by the driver.

Overall, I had a great experience with this service and plan to use it again in the future. Since I have first used it, I have recommended it to everyone I know. As it’s still a pretty new service (the company was started in 2016, but has only recently gotten some traction), I’ve found that people are pleasantly surprised to hear about it. I imagine it will also make transportation easy and convenient for vacationers who weren’t planning to rent a car during their stay, although taxi-drivers might be less than thrilled about it.

On the other side of the Andale experience, drivers are free to set their own schedules and drive whenever they want. They must have their own vehicles less than 5 years old, a license, registration, and proof of insurance. Signing up to drive looks pretty simple, but I’ve not tried it myself, so if you want more details on that head over to andalecabo.com and check it out.

Andale Cabo is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and may be downloaded via the app store or Google play for use in Los Cabos. (Pro Tip #4: Andale is like Uber and Lyft in that it is ultimately up to the drivers to decide if they want to accept and complete a ride. If you want to go a considerable distance, let the driver know ahead of time and make sure it’s okay with them. If it’s not, your best bet might be to rent a car or utilize a shuttle service.)