Restaurant In San Jose Calls Itself An Island

Who says they’re not making any more real estate?

If you have a special fascination for dolphins, boats, and outdoor restaurants with sea views, then you will enjoy visiting the recently rebuilt Dolphin Discovery’s restaurant they’re calling  La Isla. That would be The Island in English.  It is not an island, but a floating dock off a short pier in Puerto Los Cabos marina. That’s the newish marina up in San Jose.

La Isla 1.jpgHurricane Odile destroyed the original new La Isla last September and the new and improved La Isla features an expanded open-air observation area for people to watch the dolphins swimming, a restaurant and bar seating 60 people, and a lovely view of the surrounding area including the Puerto Los Cabos emblematic cross up on the hill. The developers of the marina originally planned on building a grand restaurant up on top of that hill, and it has been graded for it, but so far nada. You will also get a nice view of the closed hotel across the marina called The Silly Goose, (That sounds better in Spanish), which is making painfully slow recovery from hurricane Odile. We did get hopeful when they finally tossed all the mattresses out the windows, but it seems to be a long way from re-opening.

The company Dolphin Discovery invested $130,000 on the new La Isla to ensure a comfortable, relaxing experience for viewing and dining on the water near the dolphins. La Isla is open to Dolphin Discovery visitors as well as to the public free of charge. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. Their new menu offers a nice selection of Mexican and American snacks, salads, sandwiches and entrees.

For the best dolphin viewing, go during the scheduled dolphin swim sessions at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 am, and 3:30pm. You can see them jump; the water is too murky to see much when they are below the surface. The dolphins are not in tanks, they swim around in an enclosed area in the marina. And quit sniveling about the poor little dolphins, as they were not snatched out of the wild. They are born and raised in captivity, at other Dolphin Discovery properties in Mexico and flown to various exhibit areas in tourist destinations all over Mexico. They get first class seating too, which is better than almost all of you enjoyed coming to Cabo. It’s not a bad gig for them, they get three squares a day and are safe from predators. All this in return for a couple of jumps a couple of times a day. Dolphin Discovery is the largest swim with dolphins company in the world, with 16 facilities across the Americas. They opened their first dolphin exhibit over 20 years ago on Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo, Mexico. (Think Cancun).

The newly rebuilt La Isla provides a unique dolphin viewing and dining experience that may become one of your favorite locations in San Jose. You can kiss the nearby Container restaurant good-by, who wants to eat in a shipping container when they can eat on a fake island?