Ready For The Pescadero Skate & Music Festival?


On July 20 The Gringo Gazette along with Pescadero Skate Park & School is proud to present the "Pescadero Skate & Music Festival."

We will be one of the sponsors for this great community fundraiser to raise money to buy new equipment for the local Pescadero kids. From helmets and pads to brand new boards and wheels so the kids can skate safely. Some proceeds will go to the maintenance and upkeep of the Skate Park and school.

I started by interviewing Jose Arce, Pescadero’s own hometown Ripper, General Manager of the park, headmaster of his skate school, and creator of this festival for the kids of Pescadero. Jose is really excited about the response and support he has received for this fundraiser.

OK Jose, let’s get right to it. Who are the bands that will be playing? Tan Lines, our popular local band will be rocking the place with classic rock and roll along with a great Reggae band, Nopolution out of La Paz, MC King out of Cabo San Lucas, DJ's Dimitri Kota and Hip Hop specialist MC Aceboy from TJ. Reggae Dub band Hansel, and the Mexican surf band Surffiction are all confirmed. Look up Pescadero sk8scool on Facebook pages to stay updated on the many more bands and vendors who will be joining the festival. Gates open at noon and the fun will go till 10 p.m. Live music, skating, dancing, games, food, drinks and prizes. Food and drinks, what are you doing for that, Jose?

"I am currently renting out 20 to 30 locations to local restaurants and anyone who would like to participate and sell their products at the festival. Alma & Many from Todos Santos will be there with Tamales and other authentic Mexican treats. It’s going to be warm; OK it’s going to be hot! But cool compared to anywhere else around here," he said.

"No worries, Alma and Many have that covered with their refreshing aguas de jaimica, lemon, horchata, and for sure Mango as we are in prime season."

El Pescadero's own Agave Azul Tequila Boutique Bar & Restaurant has signed up for a location and will be featuring their great tequilas.

Really, even tequila Jose?

"Yes, I have all the permits, many volunteers and security. It’s going to be a really fun family festival. I am expecting a big crowd."

So you have the Margaritas, refreshing aguas and authentic Mexican food covered. How do vendors who would like to participate in the Skate & Music Festival sign up.

"You can contact me on my cell phone at 624 154 0233 or at WhatsApp as well as messenger on my Facebook page to reserve a location at the festival."

Great Jose, is there anything else you would like to add?

"Just a huge shout out to all the sponsors and the people who are really helping me put it all together, without them this event would not happen." There you go folks, another reason to get out and have a good time for a great cause. You can also contact me at randy@gringogazette or by cell at 624-213-2159 if you would like to participate in this fundraiser for the kids of Pescadero on July 20.