Quivira Celebrates First Title Delivery

With a big party, snacks, drinks, tours, the whole nine meters

In a clubby atmosphere with chill out Bohemian music, lots of cocktails, and snacks on a cracker, the Copala at Quivira officially delivered its first title in the residential community dubbed, “A Treasure of a Lifetime with the Good Life Los Cabos style.” Well, they’re Realtors, not poets.

The developers just broke ground on the full ownership condos and homes last year, and have already delivered many, some of them occupied already.

Two condo buildings are finished, as well as 20 residences and the club house. The first title was delivered a week before, to Thaddeus Krupa, in a ceremony attended by Mr. Krupa’s legal counselor, a local notary public who landed the deal, and Pueblo Bonito development owner Letty Coppel. Also up front with the ribbon cutting crowd were Pueblo Bonito’s CEO Alberto Coppel and several dozens brokers, friends and hangers on. Those might have been the ones who were there for the snacks and liquor.

In the immortal words of Alberto Coppel, “Copala is one more proof that longtime members of the Pueblo Bonito group, some of whom acquired timeshare many years ago at our first property, Pueblo Bonito Blanco, or at Pueblo Bonito Rose, or at our Sunset Beach resort, have confidence in us, and are now buying into Copala.”  Coppel added that the one thing Pueblo Bonito has built in Los Cabos in addition to resort condos and homes and timeshare, is credibility.

Rafael Covarrubias, the big gun from Mexico City who was hired to sell all of the different configurations of residences at Copala, explained the big hoopla as, “It’s important for the Los Cabos community to know that what started as a dream is now a reality.” We read that as his little victory jig. And that he wants everyone to know there are no title or legal problems, and people can buy there with confidence.

Copala will integrate several amenities into its “Good Life” concept, such as an organic garden, a pet club, (watch your step), a hotel, a holistic club, an art gallery, a wine club and a yacht club.

Copala is three miles of beachfront on the Pacific side of Cabo. The Jack Nicklaus golf course just opened there, and it is, in the opinion of this writer, who has played every course but Eldorado, the most spectacular course in all of Baja. Yup, it has actually dethroned Diamante. It is an awesome course, with many holes right on the edge of the planet, where the raging ocean beats the rocks all to hell 200 feet below. (Now, that’s poetry)!

The ocean view, master planned gated community has Mexican hacienda style one, two, and three-bedroom condos, as well as wonderfully designed high end custom homes.

Copala’s multi story condominiums are built high on the hill, and feature sweeping views to China, (as long as Hawaii ducks down a little). They are also a good idea for someone who isn’t here all the time: Lock and leave. Or turn your unit into the rental pool and let it pay itself off. The units feature solid concrete construction, ample soundproofing, and many built-in upgrades, (like tempered glass windows), sold as standard.

On completion, Copala will boast a total of 258 condominiums and 86 homes. First floor units feature a garden in front of your terrace; penthouse condos offer a rooftop terrace with a splash pool, fire pit, outdoor grill and other amenity upgrades. All this starting at only $360,000.

The custom built individual homes ranging in size from 1,800 to 2,400 square feet, are available in multiple layouts and six different floor plans. Each residence boasts Spanish colonial, hacienda-style charm that honors the region’s Mexican heritage. Free standing homes start at $450,000.

The clubhouse is open, and it’s gorgeous, right on the sand, but it’s already getting an overhaul, getting two infinity edge pools, a spa, business center, children’s playroom, more restaurants, and banquet space. Lunch here would be a great way to look around, but the development runs such a tight door, that is nearly impossible. You can’t even get on the property without calling ahead. And no, waving your wallet wouldn’t help: We know a Realtor with clients who was turned away by the sales staff because the car full of buyers didn’t have an appointment.

Natural conservation areas, walking and hiking trails, and gardens will be woven throughout the entire 1800 acres. Copala ownership also includes beach club membership, with a beach club house in the works.

Copala buyers now have access to direct financing unaffiliated with a bank, with five, ten and 15 year programs at fixed interest rates ranging from 6% to 6.5% in U.S. or Canadian dollars, and even in pesos. Nope, no bitcoins.

Copala is only 10 minutes from the marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas but because it’s on the pacific side, it feels worlds away. A private road is under construction, separate from the wide concourse that stretches to Sunset Beach, this one further north a mile or so. It will connect with the new toll road to the San Jose International airport for fast access. 

For more information, email: info@copalaloscabos.com or call 624-173-6146. www.copalaloscabos.com. And remember, don’t just toddle out there without a firm permission slip. You must call ahead for an appointment with the sales staff to get past the gestapo at the guard gate. ,