Que Pasa in Cabo?

March 30, 2020

Palmilla beach update.

In a recent edition, we reported that Los Cabos Mayor Armida Castro had removed the parking arm that prevented locals to access the popular Palmilla beach in San Jose unless they were screened by private security personnel of the Palmilla development. We also mentioned that it is the inalienable right of the Mexican people to access our beaches, which are all public by law.

The Palmilla development officials announced with great fanfare that they had agreed to the opening of the beach to locals. To this day, access is open, but local visitors are screened. Gringos are not.

Under these circumstances, the Los Cabos city council voted unanimously to disincorporate the city’s owned land from the Palmilla development. A legal battle is in process. As Blanca Pedrin, a long-time activist and resident of San Jose put it, “Its location close to town gives it a special status because everyone can enjoy its natural beauty. Old men have memories of their fathers taking them to Palmilla beach on Sunday, every day in the summer, this is where families go to teach their children to swim, to build sandcastles, to picnic, and to share tradition and pride of the country. It matters not whether you are rich or poor, a doctor or a stonemason, this beach beckons for you to come.

There was a time, not so long ago, that access to this beach was from many different points. Today, the construction of million-dollar homes to be sold to wealthy individuals who come to enjoy our weather, our natural beauty, and our beautiful culture and our beaches, has narrowed the access to one specific location. We have accepted this, we have been sharing as we are a generous people. We are not blind to the fact that development in the area has been good for the economy of all. We have always believed that we can live side-by-side with all neighbors, it does not matter from what country as long as they respect our land and our people. It is a slap in the face to wake up one morning and discover that the developers of the different housing communities of Palmilla are determined to build a security control point in our entrance, ancestral road, used by generations, the only entrance to our beach, and to our property, we the citizens of San Jose del Cabo owned, donated by a local family.”

There are 190 registered beaches in Los Cabos, and Los Cabos city council has vowed to have them open to locals soon. Stay tuned.


Speaking of beaches.

The sudden popularity that Balandra Bay in La Paz acquired thanks to reviews by the L.S. Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Trip Advisor and National Geographic has caused hundreds of visitors to show up and enjoy this gorgeous, huge, magnificent beach. Well, we also added to the problem, as we’re always bragging about the beauty of Balandra. We accept our part of the guilt. Well, it’s freaking beautiful!

Anyhow, the news here is that the La Paz government has decided that access to Balandra will be limited. There is not enough parking space, and we don’t want a bunch of national and foreign pilgrims to damage its prettiness. A maximum of 500 people will be allowed to go in, swim, and leave, The new rule is expected to go into effect this summer. So, hurry up and visit it now! Hahaha … we can’t stop being brats, sorry!


Hyatt expands in Cabo.

Yup, the famous hotel chain is adding at least five new properties to its portfolio in Mexico, including a Park Hyatt in Cabo’s tourist corridor, planned for 2022. Where? At the Cabo del Sol development, house of the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar and the upcoming Ritz-Carlton. Stay tuned.


Famed food and wine fest postponed.

The popular Gastrovino food and wine fest in Todos Santos, which features dozens of Mexican wineries and over 20 food booths from local restaurants, as well as contemporary dance, live music and performances, has been postponed to November 13 to the 15 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It usually takes place in mid-May, with balmy weather and hundreds of people attending. This year, part of the proceeds will benefit the Todos Santos Palapa Society, which devotes its efforts to educate local children from low-income families. Stay tuned or look up www.gastrovino.mx once in a while for updates.


Despite Coronavirus, Celebs Still Travel to Cabo

Tom Brady, Joe Jonas, Ben Affleck and other celebrities are visiting Cabo, which is free of the Covid-19 virus. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer was in town with wife and former top-model Gisele Bundchen.

Hollywood star Ben Affleck and his new gorgeous girlfriend Ana de Armas were here too, as well as American singer, songwriter and actor Jon Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers pop-rock band and his wife Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones fame. “House of Cards” star Rachel Brosnahan stayed in a private cabana at the new Noby resort, partially owned by Oscar winner Robert DeNiro. Cabo is now going into lock-down little by little, as one positive case of COVID-19 was detected a couple of days ago. A 48-year-old British citizen who lives in Cabo came back home recently from Florida and 14 days later showed symptoms of contagion. He was treated at the H+ hospital and then sent to home reclusion where he and his family are closely watched by state health officials. The popular Mango Deck restaurant on Medano beach decided to close temporarily and more businesses are expected to follow as residents are being told to stay home. Costco, however, was busy this morning with entire Mexican families shopping. Sigh. Stay safe, stay home, hopefully, your home cava is well stocked. If you can’t stay home, keep your distance from others.


Buy Your Fall Airplane Tickets Now!

Southwest has announced that it will offer twice-daily nonstop service between Phoenix and Los Cabos this fall, starting Thursday, October 8.  Tickets are for sale now, with prices starting at $128 USD one way. Hurry up, save money!